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10 Best HyperOS Features for Your Xiaomi Phones in 2024

These are the top 10 best HyperOS features I enjoy on my Xiaomi phone. By now you must have known that Xiaomi has replaced the MIUI skin with a new one called “HyperOS”. The Xiaomi 14 and Xiaomi 14 Pro were the first smartphones to run the HyperOS software out of the box.

And now, Xiaomi is rolling it out to other devices in 2024. Check here if your Xiaomi Phone will be Among those getting it in early 2024. While you do that let’s now get to the main business of the day.

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10 Best HyperOS Features

1. Improved Security and Privacy Protection

In the HyperOS software, under Security and Privacy, there’s a new feature called “Shutdown Confirmation”. When I saw this feature, I fell in love with it immediately. The Shutdown confirmation prevents your phone from being switched off without your permission (using your PIN or pattern). This simply means that even if someone should steal your phone, he won’t be able to switch it off without entering a PIN code.

2. Uninstall Bloatware

One major problem the MIUI skin had was the annoying pre-installed apps, and the fact that they could not be removed easily made it more irritating. However, that challenge has been fixed now with the arrival of Xiaomi’s new HyperOS skin software. You can go to settings and easily uninstall any app of your choice.

3. Lock Screen Customization

With the HyperOS software, you can now easily customize your Lock Screen to suit your style. You can either use your picture as your lock screen and toggle on the Depth effect or you can choose default lock screen designs like Classic, Rhombus, and Magazine style lock screens.

More so, you can play around with the lock screen text font and clock style to make it as personalized as possible. Even better, you can customize the Always-On-Display that goes along with it. It’s fun to experience the smooth animations and all.

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4. HyperOS Dynamic-Island

The HyperOS skin brings a new software feature that allows animations around the punch-hole selfie camera. You’ll notice the animation at the top of your screen when you turn on the hotspot, put your phone on charging, turn on Battery Saver, turn on Silent mode, etc.

5. Simpler Control Center

A day can never pass without swiping down the top screen of your phone, which is where you get the Control Center. It’s either you’re checking notifications or you want to have quick access to some features like WiFi, location, Bluetooth, etc.

In either case, the HyperOS brings a cleaner control panel. Also, HyperOS has removed all the icon names in the Control Center just like iOS 17.

6. Lightweight and Fast UI

The HyperOS takes less space on your phone memory. It takes just 8.76GB of internal storage. Unlike the former MIUI skin that could take up to 13GB. Kudos to Xiaomi for bringing this lightweight skin.

7. Battery Optimisation

The HyperOS skin was designed in such a way that it consumes less battery. It is very smart to reduce the battery usage of any background running application. Which in turn helps to save the overall battery life.

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8. Clean and Smooth Animations

Because the HyperOS is lightweight and HyperFast, you’ll get to experience smooth animations every time you open an app or close it. Also, you’ll notice a cool animation when installing a new application.

9. Enrich Ecosystem

For Xiaomi users, the HyperOS is built to power your phone, home, laptop, tablet, and even car. It brings that rich community vibe as you can experience one application on multiple Xiaomi devices. For example, once an app is opened on your phone, you can easily access it on your tablet, etc.


Xiaomi HyperOS is better than MIUI for many reasons. First, the HyperOS is lightweight and easier to install. Secondly, the HyperOS is faster than the MIUI. And lastly, the HyperOS has more styling and will take Xiaomi to the next level through the ecosystem.







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