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10 Most Popular Phone Brands In Nigeria (Data from Google)

Well, we took out time to make our findings and we did find some interesting facts. Yes, we have a list of top 10 most popular phone brands in Nigeria. These data are based on results from Google search and we’ll show you and explain them below.

This list is scored by 100. Which means, if a phone brand below has an interest rate of 22, it simply means out of 100 interest rate, it got 22.

Here is what we did with this analysis. We picked 20 different phone brands in Nigeria and placed time all in Google Trends. Then we looked at the most searched for over the past 12 months.

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To be sure of our results, we further went to placed these brands side by side and compare them with each other. Finally we came with the conclusion of the list you are about to see now.

Top 10 Most Popular Phone Brands in Nigeria 2020

10. Oneplus

OnePlus is a very big smartphone brand and they make the most affordable flagship phones in the world. They are refer to as flagship killers in the tech industry. But, it appears they are not so popular in Nigeria.

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According to the data on Google trend, OnePlus averaged the popularity of 5 over the past 12 months. This does not mean that OnePlus was searched for only 5 times per month but it shows the interest of people over the said months.

This is not so surprising given that fact that this phone company has little or no presence in Nigeria. They don’t make ads targeted at Nigerians and their phones are not officially launched in the country. OnePlus don’t even have any Nigeria social media account.

Going by the results of other brands, this is quite low and you’ll see why as the list continues. Lets get to show you the next phone brand.

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9. Vivo

Vivo is occupying the number 9 position with an average of 30 interest rate over the past 12 months. This is quite incredible given the fact that Vivo recently moved into region.

The likes of Vivo Y20, Vivo Y20s and Vivo V20 was all released in Nigeria. Also the company is also making more adverts and giving its phone for sale to local retailers.

This is has brought exposure to the brand over the past months and more Nigerians are picking interest in their phones. But, the prices of their devices might be one reason why Nigerians will pause and take some few steps back.

Our next phone brand is one that just got Nigerians attention not so long ago. And with the way things are going, it might climb up the ladder come 2021.

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8. Oppo

With an average of 40 interest rate, Oppo is sitting at the number 8 position of the 10 most popular phone brands in Nigeria. There are lots of things to like about this phone brand well except of-course the price of their devices.

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For the first 6 months of 2020, Oppo managed to average an interest rate of 25. But they saw increase in interest of Nigerians from July. The release of the Oppo A93 and the signing of BB Naija winner Laycon made this brand more popular in the country.

If you know the #icons online, you’ll know the influence the signing of Laycon has on the Oppo brand. An increase from 25 to 40 interest rate over a period of 6 months is a step ahead.

What more can Oppo offer to Nigerians come 2021? Well, we’ll have to wait to see them release some more affordable phones to know better. Our next phone is getting more attention with each passing year.

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7. Redmi

Redmi is the sub brand of Xiaomi that are known for making budget mid range phones. The Redmi Note 9s and Redmi 9 was the talk of the country for a very long time. It was even better than the Samsung Galaxy A51 in an head to head comparison.

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This phone brand occupies this spot with an average of 48 interest rate. Maybe they would go up the ladder come next year when they start launching devices in the country.

One major reason for their growth is that they have official social media handle in the country. They recently teased the release of the first affordable 5G device to be launched in the country.

What do you think will happen when the Redmi phone brand finally signs a Nigerian celebrity or top tech analyst from Nigeria as brand ambassador? Well, let’s wait and see what 2021 has to offer. Next phone brand is the controversial phone brand.

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6. Huawei

Huawei sits at the 6 position of the 10 most popular phone brands in Nigeria with interest rate averaging 55. At the start of the year, its interest rate was as high as 98 but it started its gradual decline by the third quarter of the year.

Although releasing good phones such as the Huawei Y9a, without the function of Google services, it seems no tech analyst is ready to recommend Huawei phones.

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It’s crazy the harm some controversy can cause to a phone brand. The ban from United States and lack of Google services really affected the popularity of the Huawei brand in Nigeria.

The year 2020 has been a year full of surprises and maybe 2021 has more surprises for us. With regards to the tech industry and Huawei, we hope things get into the tight part.

We are now approaching the top 5 and things gets a little more interesting here.

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10 Most Popular Phone Brands In Nigeria
Google Trend Data

5. iTel

iTel is among the most popular brand phone in Nigeria and its sitting at number 5 with an average of 58 interest rate over the past 12 months. Its all time high was June when the company announced the iTel Vision 1 and iTel A56 series.

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If you are wondering why this phone brand has such high interest rate, well they make affordable phones. It’s the perfect brand if you ant to get something light for your loved ones.

Somehow, iTel phones manages to keep up with recent tech trends. For example, the recently released iTel S16 is very affordable but also come with 4G.

So, lots of Nigerians are interested in getting something affordable. Simply put, the low budget phones of iTel is one reason why Nigerians are interested in the brand.

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4. Tecno

Sitting at number 4 is Tecno Mobile with an average of 67 interest rate over the past 12 months. The phone brand has enjoyed steady interest rate across 2020.

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No doubt the signing of Africans number 1 artiste Wizkid as brand ambassador played a major role. Also, the release of the Tecno camon series is also another factor.

Tecno Camon 15 Premier with its pop selfie camera is on key factor for increase in interest rate. Camon 16 Premier with its dual selfie camera and incredible night mode shot is not easy to miss.

With the release of Tecno Pova and more affordable phones, Tecno can easily climb up this ladder come 2021. This phone brand has been around in Nigeria for years and they even have a history in Nigeria. So, its fair that Nigerians pick interest in this phone brand.

The next phone brand on this list is a close call. Beating Tecno to the spot with some very few margin.

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3. Infinix

With an average interest rate of 68, Infinix clinched the number 3 position from Tecno. If you are familiar with both phone brand, you’ll know that both are in their own set of competition with each other.

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In fact, both companies are under same parent company called the Transsion holdings. And if you are looking for which of these two phone brands make the better midrange smartphones, then the result will come out as inconclusive.

Just like Tecno, Infinix also enjoyed a steady flow through out 2020. Again, the sensational artiste Davido is their brand ambassador. Seems the battle between Davido and Wizkid also finds its way into the smartphone world in Nigeria.

One of the best phones released by Infinix is the Infinix Zero 8, Infinix Note 8, Infinix Hot 10 and the Infinix S5 pro with pop up selfie camera.

We have now come to the top two most search term by Nigerians on google with regards to phone brands.

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2. Samsung

Samsung is sitting at the number 2 position of the 10 most popular phone brands in Nigeria with about 75 interest rate. For one thing, the Samsung brand is a very big one and its only fair that they occupy this spot. It might seem that Nigerians not only search for Samsung phones but other Samsung electronic products.

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All these translates to why its sitting at this position. But even at that, Samsung phones are viewed with high esteem in the country. Take for example, the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71, it sold out in Nigeria.

Even the likes of the more expensive Galaxy Fold 1 sold out in Nigeria when it first debut. There are so many Nigerians who would rather buy the more expensive devices.

And this is so because Samsung have made a name for themselves in the country over the years. With the release of more phones, it seems Samsung will be here for a very long and possibly still be here come 2021.

Finally we’re about to see the most search tech brand in Nigeria of 2020.

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1. iPhone

iPhone top this list with an average of 85 interest rate. If you know this phone brand, you’ll know that its luxury for most persons. But why will a phone brand as expensive as iPhone be topping the list in Nigeria?

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Well, for one thing curiosity is one major factor. When a price of a device is high chances are people will be curious to know why. So, most persons searching for iPhone might not be really buying an iPhone but just want to satisfy their curiosity.

Others are also interested in knowing the price and admiring the phone brand. Who wouldn’t want to admire a brand as big as the Apple iPhone.

We are still hoping to see how they’ll hold up come 2021. As we know, other phone brands are stepping up their games and midrange phones are getting cheaper and better.

10 Most Popular Phone Brands In Nigeria 2020
Google Trend Data

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So, these are the top 10 most popular phone brands of Nigeria in 2020. These data are gotten from Google trends and carefully analyzed by our team. And now you know the phone brands that Nigerians searched for most in 2020.

What do you think about this list and how do you think the list of most searched phone brands of 2021 will look like? Tell us via your comment using the comment section below.





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