15 Best Android 14 Features: The latest Android 14 is an incremental upgrade of the Android 13. Top features include advanced security, enhancements to privacy, and performance. Below are the top 20 best Android 14 features to enjoy on your Android devices.

15 Best Android 14 Features (Available Now)

1. Battery Life Optimisation

Android 14 will improve your smartphone’s battery life experience. All new Android versions always come with General Quality of Life (QoL), and the same is the case with Android 14. According to Google, the Android 14 is more optimized for battery consumption.

2. Smartphone’s Manufacturing Date

Android 14 allows you to check the year your Android phone was manufactured. Simply go to Settings > About Phone > Model. This will be very useful when buying refurbished or used devices.

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3. Photo Picker

Android 14 tightens your photo/media privacy more than ever before. Which is a good thing by not allowing an application to gain access to all your media at once. The Photo Picker is a new feature that will allow you to pick only selected photos to ensure the app doesn’t have access to all your photos. This could be regulated by going to Settings > permissions and switching it from “Allow all the time” to “Ask every time.”

4. Lock-screen Clocks

Android 14 brings further customizations to your lock screen. The latest Android software has plenty of lock screen clocks each with its smooth animation to improve the appearance of your home screen. The majority of the lock screen styles are pretty so you’ll like messing around with the customisations.

5. Auto-Confirm Unlock

How do you feel after entering the right code to unlock your phone, but you have to press “Enter” before it finally opens? Well, that hassle is gone now. With Auto-Confirm unlock, you can easily unlock your phone/tablet with the right passcode without having to press an extra button.

Note: This only works for six-digit passcodes. To activate this feature go to Settings >Security and Privacy > Device unlock > Gear Icon > Toggle on Auto-confirm unlock.

6. Split-Screen Toggles

The Split-Screen Toggle feature may be well known by others as “App Pairing”. As the name suggests, this feature allows you to use apps in pairs, in split screens, you can minimize or maximize them together. The feature will be mostly useful for Android tablets because of their big screen.

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7. Predictive Back Gestures

This feature helps to keep your previous page active. For example, if you’re browsing on Chrome, you could do a back swipe to reveal the previous page which is helpful assuming you’d forgotten what the previous page was all about.

8. New Charging Animation

This new update is just to make your Android 14 smartphone look cooler. A new “Charging Pill” was introduced with a cool animation on the battery icon. This takes place for a sec once your charger is plugged into the phone.

9. Flash Notifications

The flash notification is a new accessibility feature that lets you be aware or indicates when you have a new notification. Either you enable the rear camera flashlight or you can activate the screen to flash multiple times to alert you of a new notification. For activation, go to Settings -> Display -> Flash notifications -> Toggle on Camera Flash and/or Screen Flash.

10. Battery Information (Charge Cycles Count)

There’s no official way to check your Android battery health yet. But Android 14 introduces a new feature called “Battery Charge Cycles Count”. More so, under the battery information section, you can also check the battery’s manufacturing date.

11. Drag and Drop Feature

The drag and drop feature is now available on Android 14 and it works like magic. Just select the text, long press, and drag it, while you use your other hand to switch to another app to paste the text and drop it in the text area.

12. Tracker Prevention Alerts

Security and privacy are very important and in that respect, Android 14 added an extra layer to what Android 13 had before. As the name suggests, the Tracker Prevention Alerts warns you and helps you locate any unidentified tracker that is following you. This feature is very important as it brings security consciousness.

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13. Use Your Android Phone as a Webcam

Android 14 brings a feature that allows you to use your Android phone as a webcam. The standard camera on most laptops is 720p but thanks to the new Android 14 feature that allows you to use your Android phone as an external camera and stream at 1080p. To activate this, simply plug your USB-C into your phone, go to the menu that pops up, then select “webcam”.

14. App Cloning

Android 14 will officially support App cloning. This will allow you to use two instances of an app simultaneously. For example, you can have two WhatsApp, IG, Facebook, etc.

15. Magic Compose

The Magic Compose feature is in the messaging App and what it does is to help you write your text messages in different moods/styles. When you write your default message in the text area, the Magic Compose will make other suggestions for the same message to you. see the diagram below for more understanding.

Conclusion: 15 Best Android 14 Features

Those features are now available on Android 14 compatible devices. And it’s exciting to use them. Google’s commitment to security, privacy, customizations, performance, and UI are testament to the more amazing features to expect from Android 15.

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