Let’s face it, the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are so good that it’s very easy to recommend both smartphones for purchase. In fact, users love the Pixel 6 Pro so much that it’s temporarily out of stock on Amazon few weeks after its release. But, it has its issues.

So far, we can confirmed 3 issues linked with the Google Pixel 6 series. Some of these issues or bugs can be fixed with future software updates but others, we’re not so sure. But, are these issues and bugs enough reason for you to ditch buying the pixel 6?

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First things first, get to know these issues or bugs then you can decide if you should buy the device.

3 issues and bugs with the Google Pixel 6 series

1. Flickering display
Pixel 6 bug

A user on Reddit has come out to confirm that pressing the power button of the Google Pixel 6 Pro for more than 0.5 seconds causes the display for flicker. From the video shared on Reddit, holding the power button down showed the flickering display with what appears to be lines.

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This does not affect the device in anyway though as turning on the device works pretty well and the display is working just fine. However, Google does not expect users to hold than the power button of the Pixel 6 Pro longer than required.

According to a new report, this issue can be fixed with software update. And Google might include a fix in its next monthly software update.

2. Increased Punch Hole
Pixel 6 bug

Another user on Twitter shared a short clip showing that the punch hole of his Pixel 6 Pro kind of increased. This issue has not been reported by other users but it’s still an issue.

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It’s not like the Punch hole increased physically but we think the pixels around the punch-hole display is dead. And this makes the display around the punch hole appears to be bigger than usual.

3. Make calls on your behalf

Imagine sleeping thinking your smartphone is turned off only to wake up to see it actually made calls on your behalf. This is exactly some Pixel 6 users said happened with their phone.

Pixel 6 bug call

With the Pixel 6 locked, at least two users have confirmed that the device initiated calls on their behalf while they were asleep. This doesn’t seem to be a hardware related problem and just like number 1 bug above, a software update can fix this.

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Pixel 6 bug call

To be fair, the Google Pixel 6 series is a wonderful smartphone. It has good chipset, very well in AI and Machine Learning, and it has really impressive cameras.

So, if you can look beyond these 3 issues and bugs currently plaguing the Google Pixel 6 series, then it’s still a good buy for you.

Do you own a Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro? You can share your experience with us via the comment section below.

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