5 Key Features in Your Infinix Phones: The latest phones released by Infinix Mobile is coming with some cool new features. Well, actually these phones are coming with lots of new interesting features. But we have singled out 5 features of new Infinix Phones that deserve some extra credit.

Some of these features when enabled help save battery life, others brings enhance and more beautiful notification but wait till you see the new feature that enhance your gaming experience.

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We’ll do more than just actually show you these features. You will also get know how to activate and use these features along with it’s benefits.

Just before we continue with the text content, we want you to know that we have a video content on our YouTube Channel explaining these features live. You can Click Here to watch the video. If you prefer text content, we have a step by step explanation below. Please continue reading.

The following Infinix Phones and future Infinix Phones will have the 5 features.

  1. Infinix Note 7
  2. Infinix Note 7 Lite
  3. Infinix S5 Pro
  4. Infinix Hot 9
  5. Infinix Hot 9 Play

5 New Features in Your Infinix Phones

These features might not be available in all Infinix Phones just yet. Some of these features was rolled out with the latest Infinix XOS 6.1 update. But, if your Infinix Phone is having this update, you should be able to enjoy the 5 features below

  1. Dark Mode
  2. Instant USSD
  3. Magic Button
  4. Bullet Messages
  5. Sensor Call Answering Mode

Activating Dark Mode on Infinix Phones

Dark Mode feature of Infinix Phones
Dark Mode turned on for Infinix Hot 9

If you have used the dark mode if Twitter App and/or that of Medium App, then you would probably know that this feature is pretty good.

The dark mode feature on new Infinix Phones makes all the phone go dark/black. Once turned on, all phone applications and web browser becomes dark.

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This is very different from the Invert Color we see in previous phones. And with the dark mode turned in, you won’t have need to use the Eye Care feature of the phone.

How to Activate Dark Mode in Infinix Phones

Its very easy.

  1. You can just swipe down screen and tap the Dark Mode from the quick menu option
  2. Go to Phone settings
  3. Click Display
  4. Turn on Dark Theme option
Why Dark Mode feature is Important

There are few reason why you should start using this feature.

  1. It saves battery
  2. Saves your eyes from bright light
  3. Makes it super easy to look at your phone screen especially at night
  4. It’s also fun to use

The Instant USSD Code Feature

Infinix Hot 9
Account balance check of Glo Network using Infinix Hot 9

Infinix really went the extra mile to get all the USSD codesof various telecommunication company pre listed in the new Infinix phones.

What this feature does is that it helps you suggest possible USSD code from these companies. It saves you time thinking about these codes.

This feature comes with the phone which means you only need to slot in a SIM card to activate it. The phone detects your network provider and loads the appropriate USSD codes.

All you have to do is type the first line of code and the phone will do the rest. The obvious benefit of this feature is that it allows you to easily these USSD codes without stress.

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This feature is however not available in all countries just yet. It seems this feature only works in Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya and Egypt. Maybe it will start working in Asian countries like India and Indonesia soon.

Gaming Magic Button

Gaming Magic Button of Infinix Phones
Volume button serves as gaming magic button of Infinix Hot 9

Gamers always appreciate that extra gaming fire button. If you have used modern gaming phones, you’ll see that aside from cooling fan they have also introduced a dedicated gaming button.

Well, new Infinix Phones can now also enjoy this feature. There is actually no button introduced by Infinix but you can use the power button for this feature once its activated.

Note that the power button only perform as magic gaming button in game mode.

How To turn on magic gaming button in Infinix Phones
  1. Go to settings
  2. Select Game Mode
  3. Turn on Magic Button

With this feature turned on, you can now enjoy that extra juice of playing game with your phone.

Floating/Bullet Message Notification

Bullet message Notification
How floating/bullet message notification looks like when playing games

The bullet message notification can also be rightly refer to as floating message notification. Before now, when playing games you get your notifications in the background. Well, this feature changes everything for the better or maybe for the worse?

Now you can have your notifications fly or float across your screen while playing games. Which means you won’t have to quit your game to know what messages came in. Messages from social media apps and phone is all included here.

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But won’t a floating message disturb users playing games? Imagine yourself in the middle of a game and you get distracted by a floating message. Hmmmm, we’ll just skip to showing you how to turn this feature on while you tell us what you think about this feature via your comment below.

How to Turn on Floating/Bullet Notification on Infinix Phones

  1. Go to Phone Settings
  2. Select Game Mode
  3. Click message notification method
  4. Turn on Pop Up Notification option

Sensor Call Answering Mode in Infinix Phones

Infinix Phones Gesture Mode
Use simple gestures to answer or reject incoming calls

They always say to save the best for the last. Well, you have the best feature saved for the last here and this feature is pretty cool.

This feature allows you to answer or reject phone calls with simple gestures. I’ll be using emojis to represent these gestures.

A palm 🖐️ gesture means reject call while a two finger ✌️gesture means answer call. You just have to face the phone screen with this gestures while there is incoming calls that’s all.

I don’t know how often you’ll use this feature but it’s pretty smart.

So, these are the top 5 features in your Infinix Phones you should probably try out. They are pretty cool and makes using the phone so much fun.

Tell us, which of these features you’d like to use or are currently using. Please use the comment section below we’d like to hear from you.

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