South Korea is set to be the first country to launch a 6G network by 2028. The country’s Ministry of Information and Communication Technology said on Monday that South Korea plans to unveil the sixth-generation network service in 2028, which would be two years earlier than originally scheduled.

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How much will a 6G network cost? A feasibility study has shown that the 6G network project could cost up to 625.3 billion won (roughly $482.1 million). Local companies will be encouraged to produce the equipment required for the development of its 6G network.

South Korea’s target is to beat other countries in the world to the 6G technology. And they are up to a good start. 4G technology development was dominated by U.S. and European companies, and 5G technology development was dominated by Huawei before the US ban. However, the next gen-6G network could see South Korea taking the lead.

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Already, South Korea is Asia’s fourth-biggest economy and accounted for 25.9% of 5G patents in 2022. While China accounted for 26.8%. The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology in South Korea hopes its country can break past 30% or more in 6G patents among the competition.


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