Adapters for Apple MacBook Pro: It’ll currently take about 6-8 weeks for Apple to deliver a charging adapter for any of its MacBook Pro. A recent report has revealed that if you buy the 96W and 140W USB-C chargers for the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro separately on Apple’s website, it’ll take about two months before you get them.

According to MacRumors, the 96W and 140W USB-C adapters might arrive anywhere between 6-8 weeks if you live in the US. But this also means that if you live outside the US, it might take more than two months before you get the charging adapters for your MacBook Pro models.

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This is a very huge delay especially if you need a charger for your MacBook Pro urgently. The Apple MacBook Pro 2021 has support for three different charging adapters depending on the model. It has support for 67W, 96W, and a 140W charger for the 16-inch model. However, the 67W charger is readily available but the 96W and 140W are the MacBook Pro adapters facing big delays.

MacBook 2021 M1

We can’t tell why there is this huge delay in the shipment of the MacBook Pro adapters but if you live in the US or outside the US, you should try and protect your current MacBook Pro adapter.

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If you can’t wait for 8 weeks to get a new adapter from Apple, an alternative will be for you to visit Amazon and choose from varieties of other MacBook Pro adapters. There are lots of options to choose from and these chargers will ship and be delivered to you as soon as possible. Plus, some of these chargers on Amazon will cost you less than $50.

The Apple MacBook Pro 2021 is one of the best-performing laptops of the year. It is powered by Apple’s own silicon and features lots of connectivity options. It also boasts of long battery life, a fast display, a smooth display, and a very colorful display.

If you need the 96W or 140W charging adapter for your MacBook Pro, you should place an order now on Apple’s website. The earlier you place the order the sooner you’ll get as the waiting time can last as long as two months for those living in the US (those living outside the US will take longer).

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