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Durability Test: Motorola Razr Failed Durability Test?

New Motorola Razr: We are all very excited anytime there is a release of some new technology into the smartphone world. There are lots of exciting new smartphone trends we are looking forward to this 2020. But we can’t over emphasize the importance of durability when it comes to buying smartphones.

The newly released Motorola Razr which is a pioneer of the clamshell phone has presumably failed durability test according to a test by CNET. Durability is very important in smartphones as you can’t be getting a phone above the $1,000 mark only to start developing issues after few months of usage.

A fold test was carried out on the Motorola Razr using a folding bot and the result is in. According to the result that appeared on the official twitter page of Android Authority, the new Motoral Razr might stop folding after about 27,218 folds.

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What the above test is trying to imply is, if you open and close the Motorola Razr for some 27,218 there is a possibility that it will loss that fold functionality. Now this is something of concern if it is actually true.

Although the phone did not perform well in fold test above, its screen and display were still fully functional. Note that a machine was used for the test result above. But what does this means for humans?

Following the test result, if you own the new Motorola Razr and fold/unfold it more than a hundred times a day, it won’t last for more than a year before it loses the fold function. Also if you fold and unfold more than 70 times a day, it would barely last 18 months. But Motorola is not the only company to produce a foldable phone with initial issues, even Samsung did last year.

Granted, the phone does come with some incredible features and spots a premium design. But getting a phone with so much money without durability is not just worth it. But can we really rely on the bot test above?

@Maii_HD made a video on YouTube warning about the new Motorola Razr. In the video titled Motorola Razr Is A Risk, @Maii_HD explained that the phone is fragile and if not properly used won’t last long. What is of note in his video is that, with proper care the Motorola Razr can last for a long time. Don’t fprget to like video and subscribe to the Tech Arena24 Channel above.

Even the likes of Samsung Galaxy Fold also had issues on first release which was later resolved by the company. Another intriguing part of the test shows that the Samsung Galaxy Fold is more durable compare to the new Motorola Razr. But despite the Galaxy fold failing the fold test back then, it didn’t actually determine the true durability of the Galaxy fold.

To be fair, the idea of a clamshell smartphone is both new and cool. Which means there is still room for improvement which we hope to see in coming clamshell phones. However, we believe that the Motorola Razr will last longer than what is predicted by the fold bot.

The new Motorola Razr was designed using a glass overlay which most tech analyst see as little feature than needs improvement. However, with the introduction of ultra-thing glass, there should be massive improvement to forth coming clamshell smartphones.

If you need my advice, you can get the Motorola Razr if you so desire. However, note that clamshell smartphones are still work in progress and we hope newer versions will do better. But if you are willing to try this new phone for $1,500 then go for it.






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