Amazon Audible: One of the best and convenient ways to consume information is by Audio. Which is why i’ll talking about why you should consider joining Audible in this article. If you prefer video information, then you might want to check out Prime Video.

Without doubt, one of the best way to consume information is by listening. If you can picture what you see, trust me, you’ll won’t easily forget what you’ve heard. This is why you should join Amazon Audible.

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Amazon is changing the way we consume information for the better. And if you’re like most of my guys, nothing beats the comfort of listening to an audio file via a headphone or an Air pod. If it’s your first time hearing about Audible, don’t worry we’ll explain what it is.

What is Amazon Audible?

Amazon Audible is a collection of books and Audio files on Amazon UK. You get access to podcasts, audio books and other voice contents the UK on Amazon Audible. This service allows you to purchase and stream these audio files on Amazon.

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Think of this as Google Search in the UK but instead of getting the results of your search in texts or website, you get Audio files. There is a whole lot of audio files available; fantasy, drama, story, podcasts, etc.

How much does Audible cost?

Amazon Audible gives you access to free 30 days trial and you pay £7.99 monthly after the free trial. But, what are the reasons why you should join Audible?

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Reasons why join Amazon Audible

  1. First 30 days trial is free and you can cancel anytime you want (before days to avoid been charge).
  2. It cost just £7.99 to get access to tons of audio books and stories
  3. You don’t need to pile up physical books before you get information you need
  4. It’s very convenient as you can access the files anytime you need
  5. Easily get access to new episodes of your favorite podcasts anywhere you are

To listen to audio books and drama in the UK, join the Amazon Audible. Register for free and start your free 30 days trial. Note that if you’re an Amazon Prime Member, you get discount when you join Audible.

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Is it worth it?

Well, if you love information and need an even easy way to get access to these information then you should try out Audible. If after some days you don’t like it (which I highly doubt), you can cancel before 30 days.

Point is, to most people (including me) who have tried Audible, it’s worth it. But taste differs and it might not be what you actually need but even if a trial does not convince, it surely won’t hurt you either.

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