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Amazon Prime Gaming: The Rebranded Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime has officially been rebranded by Amazon to Prime Gaming which is one of the many benefits enjoyed by Amazon Prime members. Well, practically everything is still same so you can relax. On this note we can say goodbye to Twitch Prime, hello to Prime Gaming.

If you are unfamiliar with Twitch Prime, it is a series of gaming-related benefits for anyone with an Amazon Prime subscription. The benefits include monthly free PC games, exclusive in-game content and a monthly free Twitch subscription that you can use to support your streamer of choice.

Good news is, none of the benefits are going away; they’ll simply fall under the Prime Gaming banner now.

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If you are wondering what else has changed, well actually not much. A press release claims that the 150-million-plus Prime members around the globe can “get even more value out of their Prime membership with the best of gaming,” but if Amazon will be increasing the amount of new monthly games or add benefits is still unclear.

The Prime Gaming site also underwent some rebranding (more like a plastic surgery for new looks) that lets you easily claim any games or in-game loot that come with your subscription.

This rebranding could simply be to bring the former (Twitch Prime) in line with the naming convention of Amazon’s other major services, such as Prime Video and Prime Music. But some, including Paul Tassi at Forbes, are speculating that this could signal a shift towards Amazon trying to grow its gaming offerings even further, potentially with its own Stadia-like streaming service that’s been code-named Project Tempo.

Amazon is also getting into the games development business, having released an online shooter dubbed Crucible earlier this year with a massively multiplayer online game dubbed New World due for release in 2021. However, Crucible launched with numerous issues and went back into beta after release so that the team can improve it. 

Whatever Amazon’s long-term intentions are, Amazon Prime members and Twitch streamers can rest assured that Prime Gaming hasn’t heralded any major changes to how things work. At least not yet. 

So, for no you can sit back and enjoy Amazon Prime gaming by subscribing to the Amazon Prime or starting a free trial. You will also enjoy new service if you were on Twitch Prime before now.

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