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Amazon Prime Video Subscription Price in Nigeria 

Amazon Prime Video subscription price in Nigeria: To subscribe to Amazon Prime Video in Nigeria will cost you ₦2,300 per month after a seven-day free trial. You can sign up for Prime Video and make payment with your naira card.

Prime Video announced its arrival in Nigeria via Twitter: Naija, how far? We have arrived! While hash tagging the word “PrimeVideoNaija”.

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Additionally, popular musician Davido, also took to Twitter to welcome the video streaming platform to Nigeria.

Prime Video presence in Nigeria is huge for two reasons. First, it will create an opportunity for many local creators to showcase their skills and contents. Secondly, Nigerians now have multiple video streaming platforms to select from. Netflix is there, Showmax is there too and now Prime Video has arrived.

Prime Video’s subscription fee in Nigeria is ₦2,300 (monthly). On Amazon’s website, it is stated that every customers have a free seven-day trail. This means after the seven-day trial it will be up to you to subscribe or japa.

Prime Video Subscription Price in Nigeria

The Amazon Prime Video subscription price in Nigeria is ₦2,300 per month. This is after the seven-day free trial has elapsed. You can sign up for Prime Video and make payment with your naira card.







9 responses to “Amazon Prime Video Subscription Price in Nigeria ”

  1. Abidemi Avatar

    Good day, I have tried signing up for the prime video Nigeria . I am not getting the OTP on my phone, hence I cannot proceed to sign up . what do I do? thks

    1. Firstayo Avatar

      Hello Abidemi,

      If you didn’t include the country code (234), please try and include it then try again. For example, instead of 0813, start with 234813….

      We hope this help you to resolve the issue.

  2. Oluwatoyin Avatar

    Hi, how do I pay? I just set up my prime video account

  3. Olurotimi Avatar

    It is crazy guys, i had tried every of my card, all declined, using my dollar card is more expensive, how did you guys subscribed self? I am tired of trying to subscribed and been declined severally. I even used m coy card, no show. i need help please. Subscribing Netflix was not this difficult for me, i don tire.

    1. Firstayo Avatar

      Hello Olurotimi, this is due to the Naira card restriction policy by CBN. Lots of people are facing similar issues. Sorry for the inconvenience

  4. Steven Fagbemi Avatar
    Steven Fagbemi

    I tired how should I watch prime video

  5. Ngozi Avatar

    So hard to subscribe joor,haba,I login all my details only for to bring out one UK login for me, Netflix wasn’t hard like this oooo

  6. Ore Avatar

    I am in the 7-day free trial. I’m able to stream on my phone but not on my TV. Only the trailer is playing on my TV . What do I do?

  7. Divine Iwueze Avatar
    Divine Iwueze

    I was debited for my amazon prime video account I’ve canceled the subscription and has not used the package will I get a refund?

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