Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix in Nigeria: The services of Netflix has been around in Nigeria for a while. But Amazon just recently launched its Prime Video service in the country and this is in direct competition with Netflix. Lots of Nigerians are familiar with the phrase “Netflix n Chill” but a new player is in town.

Just like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video is a video streaming platform that gives users access to tons of videos (movies, series, and more). But, this service comes at a cost i.e your money. Before now, there has been no option for Netflix in Nigeria but that has changed with the arrival of Prime Video.

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With the Prime Video service launched in Nigeria, Nigerians no longer need a VPN to access the platform and they no longer have to pay the fees in USD (now pay in Naira). However, should you stick with Netflix now that Amazon Prime Video is here? or maybe you should make a switch to Prime Video?

In this article, I’ll be comparing the prices and services of Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix in Nigeria. In the end, you should be able to decide which is the better streaming service for you.

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Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix in Nigeria: Overall Comparison

The price and features of Prime Video are very easy to understand. You can pay for the service monthly or annually. See details in the table below (the annual price in the table below is estimated).

Prime VideoMonthlyAnnually
Multiple DevicesYESYES
Video QualityHD & 4KHD & 4K

The price and features of Netflix are a little more complicated than those of Prime Video. The features you get on Netflix depend on the price and Netflix plan you pay. See details below

Multiple DevicesN/AYES (2)YES (4)
Video QualitySDHDHD & 4K


Amazon Prime Video is cheaper than Netflix. The monthly subscription for Prime Video starts at ₦2,300 and this is about ₦600 cheaper than Netflix’s Basic Monthly plan. And what makes Prime Video better here is not just the price but the fact that it offers features that you won’t get on Netflix’s Basic plan.

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Stream on Multiple Devices

One of the important features of streaming services is the ability to stream movies simultaneously on multiple devices. With Netflix, you’ll need to spend more before you can stream on more than one device but with Prime Video, you can stream on three devices simultaneously without issues.

For ₦2,300, Prime Video gives you the option to stream on multiple devices while on Netflix you’ll need to spend ₦3,600 to get this same feature.

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Video content and video quality

Both Netflix and Amazon invest tons of money in making original videos every year. So, you’ll get good video contents to watch on both platforms but the difference comes in video quality. Prime Video gives you access to HD (720P to 1080p) and 4K video quality while the basic plan of Netflix gives you SD (480p), the standard plan gives you HD (720p to 1080p), and the premium plan gives you HD & 4K video quality.

Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix in Nigeria

Now, if you’re streaming mostly from your mobile phone, the SD video quality of Netflix won’t matter that much. However, you’ll notice a big difference in video quality when you’re streaming SD on a bigger screen like a Laptop, an Android Tablet, or an Apple iPad, or when you cast your device screen to a larger screen like a TV or monitor. But Prime Video gives you the freedom to use higher video quality that fits whatever screen size you decide to stream on.

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Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix in Nigeria: Conclusion

Prime Video is cheaper and offers more quality than Netflix right now. Netflix has been in Nigeria for a while and its streaming services have been pretty good. Prime Video just arrived and maybe one of its market strategies is a cheaper price. For its price, Prime Video is the better streaming service in Nigeria right now.

Source: Prime Video | Netflix

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