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Android 12 new features to include Translation of Third Party Apps

The incoming Android 12 is coming with some changes and it might include Translation of Third-Party Applications on Android smartphones.

Google is very popular for its translation capabilities and it seems the company is bringing those experience into the Android OS. Before now, Android users can change language in the settings or just use Google Translate App when surfing the internet.

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But the real problem is, when you install an app in a different language, the experience is pretty difficult. Take for example, the 1688 Chinese shopping app. It’s literally very difficult to understand what the app is saying if you don’t understand Chinese. Well, that is about to change.

Google Pixel

According to the latest reports, in the near future, the application translation function will be integrated into some Google smartphones. Although no devices have this feature yet, there are reports that the ability to be able to translate third party Apps will be available in at least some models of Google Pixel phones.

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It seems after the release of Android 12 beta 1, Google has updated the API difference report with the android.view.translation update. The guys over at XDA Developers who carefully studied the code said its the Pixel series smartphones that will be able to translate the text of third-party application interfaces.

Google Pixel

If this code is among the Android 12 codes, it means other Android smartphones with Android 12 will also get to use the feature.

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This feature is currently not available but according to the guys at XDA, it will be rolled out soon and Google Pixel phones might be among the first to use it.

We already saw how Google is doubling down on Privacy and security with the release of Android 12 beta 1. It also appears the new Android OS will be bringing more useful changes to users.

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To be able to automatically Translate a third party app would be a very useful feature. Let’s wait and see the other cool stuffs Android 12 is bringing.





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