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Android 12 new feature to show duration of ongoing Calls in a Status Bar

Android 12 new feature: Android 12 is bringing so many new features onboard. In addition to what beta 1 has brought, Android 12 beta 2 can show you the duration of an ongoing call in a status bar.

Most of the features that we’ve only seen on paper is been brought to life in the second beta of Android 12. There are also some features that were hidden or were work-in-progress that Android 12 beta 2 is making functional.

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One typical example is the Privacy Dashboard that was showcased by Google at the Google I/O 2021. This feature is now fully functional in beta 2. There is na redesign of the notification and a revamped power menu in addition to dynamic theming capabilities – Material You.

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Another feature that is still in development is a status bar indicator for duration of ongoing calls. This feature is not fully ready for use yet and it’s not accessible by users just yet. But the guys over at XDA Developers spotted this code in the Android 12 beta 2.

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By default, this feature is enabled but for now Google Phone doesn’t support it and it’s not accessible to users. However, @kdrang0n showers how this feature will look like when making calls in Android 12.

To test this feature, kdrag0n implemented the new Notification.CallStyle in his Android 12 Extensions app.

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From the screenshots below, during ongoing an ongoing call when the user leaves the main screen, Android 12 will show a status bar that shows the duration of the call. This feature is currently not available in Android 11.

Android 12 beta 2
Android 12 beta 2 showing ongoing call duration (image: XDA Developers)

To check call duration in Android 11, you either pull down the notification tray or return to the main call screen.

As stated from earlier on, this new status bar to show call duration in Android 12 is already implemented in Android 12 beta 2. Which means, when Google updates the Google Phone all, users testing the Android 12 beta 2 should be able to use it.






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