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Apple adding more Privacy to Mail and Safari, includes Privacy Report

User privacy has always been part of Apple’s main focus. And now, at the WWDC21 (WWDC 2021) event, it announced it would be including more privacy in its Mail and Safari.

It will also be giving users more insight into which App in their Apple device is using their information, what these apps are using it for, and who these apps are sharing it with.

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First, is the total elimination of tracking pixels. Apple’s Mail seems to be waging war on these pixels that can be included in some emails. These tracking pixels give third parties insight if it when their messages are opened.

iOS Privacy

According to Apple’s manager of user privacy software Katie Skinner, Mail will now also hide user IP addresses by default. Safari will also be doing same with user IPs (hide them).

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Another surprising announcement is that Apple will be bringing a whole new dashboard for users. It’ll be adding an App Privacy Report which will be available in settings and will provide an overview of apps accessing your data, how often they access these data and what they do with these data.

iOS Privacy

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For example: how often apps use your contacts, microphone, location, or other data and identifiers. The App Privacy Report will also show which third-party domains are receiving your information.

This feature is very similar to the rumoured Privacy Dashboard to be coming in Android 12. Well, it seems Apple is always first to bring these things to live. Once again, Android will have to play catch up.






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