The Apple iOS 15.2 beta 2 is now available for registered developers. And this new update comes with some changes to improve user’s security and privacy. Some of the features Apple teased in its iOS 15 unveiling has seen some major improvements.

Features such as Notification Summary, Communication Safety, and App Privacy Report got improved. And these features are been tested and will be made available for the pubic in coming months. Below are some of the features Apple iOS 15.2 is bringing.

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Apple iOS 15.2 Beta 2 Features

Messages Communication Safety feature

iOS 15.2 Communication

The beta 2 of the iOS 15.2 is adding the Messages Communication Safety for little children. This feature can detect nudity sent to the devices of children, blur such content, and show a prompt offering guidance. By default, this feature is turned off, but can be turned on by parents on the child’s device. This was reported by the guys over at 9toMac.

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Hide My Email in Mail app

Another feature coming with the second beta of the iOS 15.2 is shortcut to Hide My Email inside the Mail App. Before now, users could only access this feature via the iCloud settings in the Settings app. According to Macrumors, this is no longer the case with the new iOS 15.2 beta 2 update.

The new Hide My Email feature allows iCloud+ subscribers to create aliases to their original iCloud email addresses to avoid sharing the original one with websites or people.

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App Privacy Report

App Privacy Report is a new feature announced by Apple back in June. This feature allows users to view the data, sensors, and servers apps are individually accessing. The feature makes is possible for users to easily know what App is accessing their data, how often and to what extent.

With this feature, it becomes significantly tougher for malicious apps to secretly contact certain servers or access device sensors without the knowledge of users.

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Emergency SOS tweaks

iOS 15.2 SOS

Apple iOS 15.2 updates the Emergency SOS feature that lets you auto-call your country’s emergency line. Users can now either rapidly hit the side button or hold the side button and either of the volume buttons for a few seconds to access SOS. The SOS countdown timer has also been changed to eight seconds (it used to be 3 seconds).

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Notification Summary tweaks

The Notification summary is now presented in a card-style view that makes glancing at the notification contents easier. This is quite different from what was introduced with the Apple iOS 15.0. Overall the new change looks and feels better.

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All these are changes and tweaks are what the Apple iOS 15.2 is bringing. Some code for these features is not live yet but will be once you get the iOS 15.2 update and install it in your Apple iPhone.


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