Apple has been consistent in launching its iPhones with a 12-megapixel cameras over the years but it seems a change might be coming. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the incoming iPhone 14 Pro might pack a 48-megapixel wide camera system.

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Weinbach shared a leaked schematic of the iPhone 14 Pro and noticed some changes in the size of the rear camera module. The schematics shared by Weinbach showed that the rear camera module of the ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ models increased by about 5% in each dimension. Its width increased from 35.01mm to 36.73mm and the height from 36.24mm to 38.21mm. The bump itself is also set to protrude further from the device, with an increase from 3.60mm on the iPhone 13 Pro to 4.17mm on the ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌.

iPhone 13 camera

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In response to these schematics, Kuo Tweeted that “the main reason for the larger and more prominent camera bump” is due to “upgrading the rear camera to 48MP.” He added that the diagonal length of the iPhone’s contact image sensor (CIS) is set to increase by 25% to 35% with the jump to 48MP. Likewise, the height of the camera’s lens system will increase by 5% to 10% percent.

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This adds to the rounds of rumors about the iPhone 14 Pro which includes replacing the notch with a pill and hole-punch. The 48-megapixel camera system is expected to be available only in the iPhone 14 Pros and will allow for video recording in 8K resolution. If this happens to be true, this will be the first time an iPhone is having support for 8K video recording.

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Judging from how good the 12-megapixels of previous Apple iPhones are, a 48-megapixel inside an iPhone is expected to elevate phone photography and videography. That said, all these are still rumors and nothing is confirmed yet.

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