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Apple iPhone 15 Pro with no SIM card slot could be a thing by 2023

Apple iPhone 15 Pro with no SIM card slot: There are rumours about the Apple iPhone 15 Pro to come with no SIM card slot. This latest gist is coming from a Brazilian publication Blog do iPhone, which says that the 2023’s iPhone Pro models from Apple could feature only dual eSIM technology. With dual eSIM technology means users could still use two lines concurrently.

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However, not all countries globally have adopted the eSIM technology for connectivity. Which means we could still see a version with physical SIM slot in countries where eSIM service is unavailable. Especially in Africa, middle East, and even India. But again, 2023 is still ahead and there’s still enough time for them to catch up with the technology.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro with no SIM card slot
Source: frontpagetech

Apple’s plan to adopt portless iPhone is hardly a suprise to some, because for sometime now there have been rumours that the tech company might be the first to remove charging port from its devices. So ditching the physical SIM card slot looks like the first step in that direction.

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For now, only handful of trusted sources have carried this information. And since 2023 is a long time go, it is best to wait for more information by reliable industry sources before considering it final. But if Apple iPhone 15 Pro with no SIM card slot should be a thing by 2023, what will be your reaction? Let’s know your opinion below.

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