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Apple M2 Pro vs M1 Pro: Which is Faster?

The Apple M2 Pro vs M1 Pro is a revelation of how far Apple has come in terms of its chips. And to achieve a new height of success, the Apple M2 Pro chip is built on a second-generation 5nm node. This chipset can be found powering the 2023 MacBook Pro laptops. Generally speaking, in terms of performance and battery efficiency, the M2 Pro chip has an edge over the M1 Pro. Let’s get to know more about the upgrades that the Apple M2 Pro Chip brings.

CPU Count

Apple M2 Pro has a higher CPU count than the M1 Pro. The M2 Pro chipset can be configured up to 12-core, which is 2 cores more than the M1 Pro. According to Apple, the M2 Pro’s increase in CPU core count results in up to 20% higher CPU performance over the M1 Pro (10-core).

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Graphics Performance

Apple M2 Pro has a better graphical performance than the M1 Pro. Its GPU can be configured up to 19-core, unlike the M1 Pro which is capped at a 16-core GPU. In Apple’s words, the M2 Pro has 30% higher GPU performance, plus a larger L2 cache. This simply means that Apple MacBook Pro with M2 Pro chipset is a better option for 4K video edits and 3D rendering.

Battery Efficiency

The predecessor- M1 Pro was built on the first generation of a 5nm node. However, Apple refreshes that by building the M2 Pro on the second generation of a 5nm node. This results in the M2 Pro laptops gaining an extra 1 to 2 hours of battery life while also maintaining a higher performance.

Apple M2 Pro vs M1 Pro: Processing Speed

Apple M2 Pro has a whopping 40 billion transistors, which is almost 20% more than what’s in the M1 Pro (33.7 billion). This means the new Apple MacBook Pro 2023 with M2 Pro can handle more load quicker and more efficiently.

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Apple M2 Pro vs M1 Pro: Conclusion

The Apple M2 Pro is faster than the Apple M1 Pro chipset. When it comes to graphical performance, CPU count, batter efficiency, etc, the M2 Pro proves to be a worthy successor. This implies that the 2023 MacBook Pro has an edge over its predecessor.

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