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Apple announces macOS Ventura for Mac computers

Along with the Apple iOS 16 and watchOS 9 for iPhones and Apple Watch, Apple also announced the macOS Ventura for its Mac computers. The new macOS will be available on Mac computers that will be released by Apple in the fourth quarter of this year.

macOS Ventura brings subtle but really impressive updates which include using your iPhone as a webcam on a mac computer. Let’s talk more about the incoming macOS.

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Continuity Camera

This feature allows you to make use of your iPhone as a webcam. Instead of using the built-in FaceTime camera of a Mac computer, you can now use the cameras of your iPhone as the default cameras of your Mac computer.

macOS Ventura continuity camera

Continuity Camera connects the ultra-wide camera of your iPhones to enable Desk View and this will show your face as well as an overhead view of the desk. macOS Ventura also has support for Center Stage, Portrait mode, and Studio Light

FaceTime Handoff

It is now easier than ever for you to switch from video calls on your iPhone to your Mac computer. The FaceTime Handoff feature allows you to start a video call on your iPhone and fluidly move the video call to your Mac computer when you get close.

macOS FaceTime Handoff

This feature is especially useful when you want to use a wider screen to answer a call made on your iPhone. If you also started a video call on your Mac computer and want to step out, you can also easily transfer the call from your Mac computer to your iPhone using the FaceTime Handoff feature.

Stage Manager

One of the biggest and most noticeable features in the macOS is the Stage Manager. Stage manager allows users to focus on currently opened apps while background apps are listed in a category to the side.

macOS stage manager

You can easily switch from the current app to a background app that appears on the side. You can also “live” in this view without interrupting closing or interrupting your current work. This feature makes switching between apps very easy and neat on the macOS Ventura.


Apple is planning to replace passwords with Passkeys. Passkeys are unique digital keys that are saved on your Apple devices. With Passkeys set up, you can securely sign in to your device through Touch ID or Face ID.

Passkeys will work across all your apps and website because it’ll sync between your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV through iCloud Keychain. Apple expects more companies to work with them to bring Passkeys to more apps. This might be the end of the password era for Apple devices.

macOS Ventura passkeys


Spotlight has gotten a new design and is now smarter. It now has a Quick Look feature that allows you to preview files. Live Text now also allows you to use Spotlight to search for texts in a photo. You can also now easily find images in your library by location, scenes, objects, or people.

Metal 3

Gamers will find the new Metal 3 with MetalFX Upscaling very useful. The MetalFX Upscaling allows developers to render difficult scenes at a lower resolution and then apply resolution upscaling with temporal anti-aliasing. Capcom’s Resident Evil Village is among the first games to support it.

And lastly, macOS Ventura also has support for iCloud Shared Photo Library. This feature allows up to six persons to create and use a separate photo library. All six users have equal access to the library.

Those who are members of Apple’s Developer Program can get the developer beta of macOS Ventura now. The public beta is expected to be available for Mac users by next month while the final macOS Ventura software is expected to be available by September through October.

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