Apple always have a way of doing its stuff in pretty cool weird ways. I mean, let’s face it, Apple is not the first to come into the 5G race – in fact, it’s a latecomer. But, it always have a way of stealing the spot light – you just gotta love Apple for that.

Today, Nikkei Asia has reported that all iPhones that will be released in 2022 will support 5G networks. And this goes for even its low-end iPhone SE 3. Simply put, regardless of you region, any Apple iPhones that you’ll buy next year will include 5G network – crazy right?

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In the age where Android OEMs are still two faced by making 5G Android phone for some regions and 4G for other regions, Apple is taking the bulls by the horn?

According to the source, we won’t be seen the iPhone mini model in 2022. This is because customers didn’t like this model of iPhone that much.

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The low-cost iPhone SE 3 5G is expected to hit the market in the first half of 2022. And the low-price iPhone SE 3 5G will also rock the Apple’s own A15 Bionic chip – this is a chip that will be used in high-end iPhone that will be launched later in 2021. Its 5G function will be powered by the Qualcomm X60 modem.

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Apple iPhone OLED displays (Image: cNeT)

According to some leaks, like the previous SE models, the new Apple’s low-cost iPhone SE 5G will look like the iPhone 8. It will have a 4.7-inch LCD display instead of an OLED display.

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The low relative low price of the iPhone SE series is what makes very attractive to buyers. And the price of iPhone SE 2 released in 2020 starts at $399, while the iPhone 12 mini – the most affordable one in the high-end iPhone series last year – costs $699.

The high price attached to the iPhone 12 mini didn’t see it flourish as the iPhone SE 2. Maybe users don’t like having flagship smartphones in small displays. Point is, the demand for the iPhone 12 mini falls below Apple’s expectation.

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So come 2022, the iPhone mini-series will be replaced by the new 6.7-inch iPhone Pro Max series. This means Apple will be releasing four premium iPhones in 2022: two 6.1-inch iPhones and two 6.7-inch iPhones.

According to Nikkei Asia, Jeff Pu, who is a senior analyst at Haitong International Securities told them that his agency expects Apple to ship 231 million iPhones this year (2021) and 240 million next year (2022).

Source | Nikkei

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