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Apple Watch Ultra and Oceanic+ App: New For Scuba Divers

Apple Watch Ultra and Oceanic+ App is now available to help recreational scuba divers to achieve new heights. The Oceanic+ App was designed by Mike Huish the CEO of Huish Outdoors. This collaboration with Apple will enable recreational scuba divers to take the Apple Watch Ultra to previously unreachable depths — up to 40 meters, or 130 feet.

“At Huish Outdoors, our purpose is fueling the human spirit for adventure, Oceanic+ on Apple Watch Ultra is one of the biggest innovations to hit the dive industry in a long time. We’re creating an accessible, shareable, better diving experience for everybody.”

Mike Huish, the company’s CEO

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The Apple Watch Ultra and Oceanic+ App subscription fee starts at $10 per month or $80 annually. A family license of the app can also be purchased for $130 per year, allowing access for up to five people. There’s a limited free version of the app too but to fully unlock the app, the above fees must be paid.

Apple Watch Ultra and Oceanic+ App
Apple Watch Ultra and Oceanic+ App

Oceanic+ App is compatible with Apple Watch Ultra running watchOS 9.1 paired with iPhone 8 or later, and iPhone SE (2nd generation) or later running iOS 16.1. And it’s now available for download on Apple Store.


Apple Watch UltraPrice
Buy on Amazon$799.99
Buy on Amazon(UK)£849.00
Buy on Amazon(EUR)€999.00







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