In its WWDC event today, Apple has showcased the upcoming Apple WatchOS 9 update and the features it’ll bring to your Apple Watch. Included in the update are new watch faces, a workout app, medication tracking, sleep stages, and AFib history.

So, here is a roundup of all the new features coming to your Apple watch courtesy of the watchOS 9 updates.

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New Watch Faces

WatchOS 9 will bring four new UI to Apple watches. This UI or new faces are Playtimes, Metropolitan, Lunar, and Astronomy. The Playtime UI will show beautiful emojis and all the other three UI are also customized according to their names. So, you can choose the UI you’ll rock with your Apple Watch.

Apple watchOS 9 faces

Existing watch faces will also be touched by the watchOS 9 updates. For example, some of the classic watch faces like Modular, Modular Compact, and X-Large will have backgrounds colors, and gradients that can customize in Apple watchOS 9.

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Workout App

In Apple WatchOS 9, the Workout app will be able to display more information and metrics for users. You can now create a structured workout and rest internals with the now included custom workouts feature. There are also new alerts for pace, power, heart rate, and cadence.

Apple watch fitness

Triathletes can now use the Workout app to switch between any sequence of swimming, biking, and running workouts, using the motion sensors to recognize movement patterns.

For runners, watchOS 9 has included additional running metrics in the Workout app. The metrics include stride length, ground contact time, and vertical oscillation, to help improve your running.

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There is also a new pacer mode that tells you how fast you need to run to bet your previous best result or your last result. The pacer mode also tells you how fast you need to go if you want to cover a selected distance with a time goal in mind.

Sleep Stages

To improve sleep tracking, Apple has introduced sleep stages in watchOS 9. From your Apple Watch, you can now get the breakdown of REM, Core, and Deep sleep in the app. And all Apple watches that upgrade to the Apple watchOS 9 will have this feature.

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AFib History

Users that are diagnosed with atrial fibrillation cab take full advantage of the AFib history coming with watchOS 9. Apple has partnered with medical companies to collect data that will help the Apple watch track the heat rate for AFib.

Apple watch AFib

Apple Watch will not only track but also notify users of how frequently their heart shows signs of AFib. These users will be notified weekly with detailed history on the Health App (that is available on iPhone). Users can also download PDF files to save and share with their doctors.

For those who don’t know, Afib stands for atrial fibrillation (AF), which is a type of arrhythmia, or abnormal heartbeat. You can read more about it via the link at the bottom of this post.

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Included in the Apple watchOS 9 are Medications. This feature allows you to manage and track your supplements and medications. You can set schedules and reminders on when to take your medications and supplements. You can also share medication details with loved ones so that they remind you and check up on your- and vice versa.

Apple Watch medication

If you live in the US, you will get notifications if there are potential critical interactions with the medications they have added to the Health app. This way, if a medication is not to be taken with alcohol, you’ll be notified.

The Apple WatchOS 9 will be available on compatible Apple Watches later this year. There are lots of other cool features coming with the watchOS 9. Features such as Home app support in Family Setup, new Quick Actions, and redesigned notifications.

More about AFib

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