According to reports from 9to5Mac, it appears apple is working on a new way to promote its services to Apple card owners in the US. It seems Apple is working on a giving “excusive offers” to Apple card owners.

The company appears to be testing promoting some of its services to users in the Wallet App, in a section of the app with special offers.

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Apple working on exclusive offers for Apple Card owners

Mark Gurman tweeted that he spotted this feature on iOS 15 and the Wallet App. According to Mark, the promotion message was regarding a News+ offer. The message has disappeared and the promotion has a broken link.

The broken link means the promotion leads to nowhere and the feature might still be in testing stage.

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Apple news+ is a subscription for the News App that allows subscribers to read newspapers and magazine articles ad-free. This service usually cost about $9.99 monthly and it gives users access to more than 300 titles, online and offline browsing, and even News+ audio stories for the week’s best articles.

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If Apple is promoting free Apple news+ to its card users, it means Apple card owners in the US will have access to this Apple news+ for free – for a month or two. A free Apple news+ might not be the only exclusive offer to come when this feature is finally rolled out.

Basically, if you’re an Apple user and want to enjoy these exclusive offers in the future, you might want to get an Apple Card. Apple surely knows how to promote its services.


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