The year 2020 saw lots of excitement with new tech in the tech industry. We saw lots of form factors in smartphones even though the pandemic made its own restriction policies. But, one of the tech of 2020 was hidden selfie camera and the first phone Axon 20 5G using this tech was supposedly launched ( some tech analyst don’t agree with this).

Axon 20 5G is the first Hidden camera smartphone in the industry. Sadly, this device might not be launched in Africa. Some tech analyst argue that this phone is not truely a hidden selfie camera but until we see another device with this tech, it still is a hidden camera.

It would be nice to have this piece of tech in Africa but it seems that is not happening soon. Countries like Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa would likely pay to buy this device. But, why might this device not launch in Africa?

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Key specs of Axon 20 5G

Display features with 90Hz refresh rate

There is 5G connectivity with 6.92 OLED display and an under display 32Mp selfie camera. The phone is powered by Snapdragon 765G mobile platform from Qualcomm.

You get a 4220mAh battery, a USB type-C, under display fingerprint scanner and a 64MP quad rear camera. An octa core processor and an Adreno 620 fast GPU for gaming and graphics.

It runs Android Q with a smooth skin software to help improve the user experience. Over all, you get good photos, fast processing, next gen 5G and under display selfie camera and fingerprint scanner.

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Why the Axon 20 5G Might not come to Africa

1. 5G Network

The Axon 20 5G is a 5G device and with the current state of 5G Network in Africa there really is no use for that feature in a phone coming to Africa. Maybe if there was a non 5G model, it would debut in Africa.

2. Price

Phone prices are usually more expensive when they are sold in Africa. Maybe the cost of shipping and custom fee couples with local VAT adds to the original retail price. So, selling the Axon 20 5G in Africa countries might attract extra cost which will make the phone more expensive when it gets to the Africa market.

In Africa, if the price of the phone is too expensive only a selected few will be able to afford it. There really is no need going through the stress of shipping a phone to Africa when only few persons might eventually buy it.

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3. Locked to a Network

The Axon 20 5G is co-produced by ZTE. Most likely for the phone to be sold in Africa market it has to be unlocked for other mobile service operators to be able to use the phone. If the device is locked to a particular Network, it means the likes of Glo, MTN and Airtel won’t be able to provide Internet Service for the device.

Unless the device is unlocked it can’t be used. This is another reason why the Axon 20 5G might not come to Africa.

Axon 20 5G under display selfie camera
How much is the Axon 20 5G?

You can however buy the phone via shipping from overseas. And the expected prices of the phone in various Africa countries is as follows.

  1. Nigeria: It’ll cost about 172,000 Naira
  2. Egypt: it’ll cost about 7,100 EGP
  3. Kenya: it’ll cost about 49,000 KES
  4. Uganda: it’ll cost about 1,636,000 UGX
  5. South Africa: it’ll cost about 6,600 ZAR
  6. Ghana: it’ll cost about 6,700 GHS
  7. Tunisia: it’ll cost about 1,300 TND
  8. Algeria: it’ll cost about 60,000 DZD
  9. Togo: it’ll cost about 25,000 CFA
  10. Zambia: it’ll cost about 10,000 ZMW

Will you like to order the first Hidden selfie camera from overseas? What do you think about this first hidden selfie camera smartphone? Would you pass through the shipping stress to buy it? Let’s discuss in the comment section below.

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