Best MacBook in 2022: If you are buying a MacBook, you are buying one of the best laptops in the world. Over the years Apple has produced a series of Laptops from expensive powerful flagships to entry-level ones. So depending on your budget, Apple has a laptop for everyone/anyone.

Apple M1 Pro powers the most powerful MacBooks and M1 Max chips and those are dedicated to heavy workloads like video editing and playing demanding games. However, the MacBook Air becomes a go-to device if you want something light that you can carry around for business. So below are the top 5 Apple laptops to buy in 2022.

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Best MacBook in 2022

5. 2022 MacBook Air M2 (Best Mainstream Laptop)

Best MacBook in 2022
Storage256GB – 2TB
ChipsetApple M2
PriceStarts at $1,199

The M2 MacBook Air (2022) is the best MacBook for most people. It has a portable design, it is lightweight and easy to carry about. Businessmen/women; students and travelers would love it more because of how mobile and efficient it is. 

On top of that, Apple also refreshed its design and display to look better than the previous 2020 MacBook Air. The battery life is impressive too with faster performance- thanks to the new Apple M2 chip. And when it comes to video calls, the webcam is upgraded to 1080p offering better quality than ever before. However, it lacks sufficient ports.

Buy 2022 MacBook Air M2
2022 MacBook Air M2Price
Buy on eBay$1,299.00
Buy on Amazon$1,229.00
Buy on Amazon UK£1,199.97

4. 16-inch MacBook Pro 2021 (Best for Gaming and Video Editing)

Apple MacBook pro 2021 price in UK
Display 16-inch
Storage 512GB – 8TB
chipsetApple M1 Pro/M1 Max
PriceStarts at $2,499

The 16-inch MacBook Pro is that Apple laptop that can do it all. You can get either the M1 Max model or M1 Pro model, whichever you decide to buy; be certain of beastly performance. Even though it is pricey, the truth, however, is that this laptop wasn’t made for everyone. And if you don’t need it don’t get it.

Who then is it for? Gamers and video editors- that’s the short answer. It features plenty of ports, top-notch speakers; a quality 1080p webcam, a top-flight display, and excellent battery life. The 16-inch MacBook Pro is not for everyone, but anyone who gets it can be certain of its value for money. This is one of the best MacBooks in 2022 to get.

Buy 16-inch MacBook Pro 2021
16-inch MacBook Pro 2021Price
Buy on eBay$2,049.00
Buy on Amazon$2,399.92
Buy on Amazon UK£2,129.00

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3. M1 MacBook Air 2020 (Best Budget-friendly)

Storage256GB – 2TB
ChipsetApple M1
PriceStarts at $999

Apple laptops are usually expensive but this time, the M1 MacBook Air 2020 with so much value is the cheapest MacBook you can get right now. Especially for those in college (students) or anyone else who is on a tight budget.

Despite the laptop being released 2 years ago, the value it offers is insane. You still get fast performance and incredible battery life. The keyboard too is very comfortable to type with and the price shows it’s a good deal.

Buy M1 MacBook Air 2020
M1 MacBook Air 2020Price
Buy on eBay$875.00
Buy on Amazon$978.94

2. 13-inch MacBook Pro M2 (Best Budget Performer)

M2 Macbook Pro
M2 Macbook Pro (image: MKBHD)
Storage256GB – 2TB
ChipsetApple M2
PriceStarts at $1,299

If you are looking for a budget-friendly MacBook that can game, video edit, and sustain long performance, the 13-inch MacBook Pro with M2 Chip is the right one to get. It was launched in 2022, it came alongside the MacBook Air M2.

However, the major difference is the inbuilt fan that helps the 13-inch MacBook Pro to maintain the same level of performance for a very long duration. It is good for gaming and graphics work; the battery life is incredible too.

Buy 13-inch MacBook Pro M2
13-inch MacBook Pro M2Price
Buy on eBay£1,269.00
Buy on Amazon$1,278.98
Buy on Amazon UK£1,235.00

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1. 14-inch MacBook Pro 2021 (Best Overall)

Apple MacBook Pro 2021 review
Storage512GB – 8TB
ChipsetApple M1 Pro/M1 Max
PriceStarts at $1,999

If you are looking for many ports, long and fast performance, great battery life, smooth and colorful display, etc. The MacBook Pro 14 (2021) has everything you need. And unlike the 16-inch variant that is big, the 14-inch model looks more portable and easy to carry around without it compromising on performance.

It is good for gaming and video editing- thanks to the M1 Pro/Max chipset from Apple. The pricing is about $500 cheaper than the 16-inch model. The laptop offers value for money, especially for those who want speed, awesome display, and portability in one. The price of the base model with 8GB of RAM starts at about $1,999 but can go as high as $2,999 depending on the configuration.

Buy 14-inch MacBook Pro 2021
14-inch MacBook Pro 2021Price
Buy on eBay$2,476.53
Buy on Amazon$1,899.91
Buy on Amazon UK£1,735.00

Best MacBook in 2022: Conclusion

In conclusion, the best MacBook in 2022 depends on your need and budget. If you require something light and portable, then consider going for the MacBook Air. However, video editors and gamers should go for MacBook Pros. Truth is, there is an Apple MacBook for everyone and if you’re not a heavy user (i.e someone into playing games and doing heavy graphics work like video editing), the MacBook Air series is perfect for you.

Best MacBook in 2022 FAQs

Which MacBook is best for personal use in 2022?
The M2 MacBook Air 2022 is the best Apple MacBook for personal use and for students. Its starting price is $1,999 and comes with the 2022 Apple M2 silicon with improved performance.
What is the strongest Apple MacBook Pro in 2022?
The 14-inches and 16-inches Apple MacBook Pro that features the Apple M1 Max silicon are the strongest and best Apple MacBook Pro in 2022. They have 10 CPU cores, up to 32 GPU cores, and a 16-core Neural Engine. And can perform any task you throw their way.

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