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Best Phones Under 30000 Naira In Nigeria

Best Phones Under 30000 Naira in Nigeria – With the current exchange rate of dollar to naira, it’s very difficult to see good phones that falls into this category. But we have managed to make some interesting picks that offers value for the money.

It was/is very difficult to see good Android Phones that currently cost below 30000 Naira in Nigeria but not impossible. We have rounded all best buy for you below.

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Thanks to discounted the prices from Jumia NG, we were able to get some good phones for this list. So, make sure to use links from this post to buy these phones at the discounted prices.

Spoiler alert, popular phone brands won’t be making this category. Which is a good thing because we actually get to see other brands that we would not have seen. Well, let’s get to the list and see what we have for you.

Note: We want you to understand that this list is not in any particular order. So, the first phone does not necessarily mean the best phone for you to buy.

Best Phones Under 30000 Naira In Nigeria

There are lots if phones that can fit in this category. We can’t possibly put all the phones hence we have selected the ones below and named the others as notable mention at the end of this post.

All phones here are available for purchase in Nigeria and local stores to buy these phones are also listed below. Brief description of these phones are also included for you to better understand these phones.

1. Oukitel C16 Pro (30000 Naira)

Best Phones Under 30000 Naira

Maybe you might have heard of Oukitel phones before or maybe not. Either way, the first phone to make this category is the Oukitel C16 Pro. Well, this phone is the usual phone that should cost above 50000 Naira but with about 30000 Naira you can buy this phone.

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You see, the Oukitel C16 Pro comes with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. It also have space for microSD card to help expand storage. This is just the beginning of the interesting features of the phone.

When it comes to network, you also get to enjoy 4G network connectivity. In the camera segment, you enjoy an 8MP dual rear camera and a 5MP selfie camera.

There is an quad core processor from MediaTek to process data. You have the Face Unlock, fingerprint sensor, proximity sensor all available. It’s 5.71 inch water drop display looks really modern.

Not to spoil any brand name but Infinix, Tecno and Samsung phones with same feature as this cost above 50000 naira currently. The only major downside of this phone will have to be the small 2600mAh battery.

But buying the Oukitel C16 Pro for just 30000 naira is still a very good buy. You can use This Link to buy at the discounted price from Jumia.

Key Features of Oukitel C16 Pro

Oukitel C16 ProSpecs
SoftwareAndroid 9.0 Pie
ChipsetHelio A22
RAM & Storage3 + 32GB
SensorsFingerprint scanner
Face Unlock
Camera8 + 2MP & 5MP selfie
Network2G, 3G, & 4G

Above is the summary of the key features of the Oukitel C16 Pro. The next phone in this list is as interesting as the Oukitel phone, maybe even more interesting.

2. Umidigi A3S (30000 Naira)

Umidigi A3S

According to the paper specifications of this phone, it comes with Android 10 and it cost a little below 30000 Naira. Well, just to clear your doubt, there is no phone with Android 10 that currently cost below 50000 naira.

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But somehow if the Umidigi brand manages to produce a phone using Android 10 that cost about 30000 naira, then it’s worth taking a closer look, or what do you think?

This phone comes with 5.7 inch display with big bezers. I won’t say it’s design is really modern but there is more to phone than just it’s designs.

There is 2GB RAM and 16GB Internal Storage with option for storage expansion via microSD card. Then there is also a 16MP triple rear camera with a 13MP AI front camera.

You also have to experience the new dark theme, quad core processor and a 3950mAh battery. Features like Face Unlock, fingerprint sensor are also available.

With just about 30000 naira you can buy this phone from Jumia NG. Use This Link to check out this phone on Jumia NG.

Key Features of Umidigi A3S

Umidigi A3sSpecs
SoftwareAndroid 10
ChipsetHelio A22
RAM & Storage2 + 16GB
SensorsFingerprint scanner
Face Unlock
Camera16 + 5MP & 13MP selfie
Network2G, 3G, & 4G

So far, the first two phones have been from two different and not so popular phone brands (at least not popular in Nigeria). But, our next phone is coming indirectly from Huawei, now you should have heard of the Huawei brand.

3. Honor 9i (30900 Naira)

Honor 9i

For those who don’t know, Honor brand is a sub brand of Huawei. Which means there is no Honor phones when there is no Huawei to fund it or better still, Huawei is involved in every Honor phones produced.

With that said, let’s focus on the Honor 9i. This phone is among the underrated phones for it’s price. Remember we talk about value for the money? Well, you get the value for your money here.

The comes with 3GB RAM and 32GB Internal Storage with option for expansion via microSD card. It has a 5.84 inch IPS LCD display with a wide top notch. Runs Android 8 out of the box with operations managed by the Hisilicon Kirin 659 chipset.

You also get to enjoy the a 3000mAh battery, fingerprint sensor, 4G Network and the Google Play Services (this feature is no longer available for recent Honor phones).

A 13MP dual rear camera with LED flash and a 16MP selfie camera. All these you get for a little above 30000 naira, thanks to the Jumia anniversary sale deal. You can Click Here to buy the phone at the discounted price.

Key Features of Honor 9i

Honor 9iSpecs
SoftwareAndroid 8.0
ChipsetKirin 659
RAM & Storage3 + 32GB
SensorsFingerprint scanner
Face Unlock
Camera13 + 2MP & 16MP selfie
Network2G, 3G, & 4G

Well, all the phone in this list so far have been strange names but they are really good phones with good features. The next phone on this list is from a popular brand, one that you should already know very well.

4. Tecno POP 3 (28000 Naira)

Tecno POP 3

With just a little below 28000 naira, you can buy and enjoy the Tecno POP 3. This phone usually cost a little above 30000 naira, but with the Jumia anniversary sale, you can get the phone below 28000 naira. Before we skip to sharing the discount link, we like you to know some things about this phone.

You get to enjoy a 5MP rear camera with LED flash. While at the front, you have an 8MP AI camera. The 5.7 inch display makes the phone feel so compact. It’s the perfect gift to give someone who prefer one hand operation of phone.

There is a 3500mAh battery that is expected to last for a long time. The 1.3 quad core processor of the MT6737 chipset is powerful enough to handle all the basic operations of the phone.

We won’t advice you to multitask with this phone because it comes with just 1GB of RAM. There is no much big internal storage though but the presence of microSD card slot makes it possible for you to save more files.

There is also fingerprint sensor and Face Unlock feature is enabled. Pretty much everything you’ll need in a smartphone. You can use This Link to buy the phone at the discounted price above.

Key Features of Tecno POP 3

Tecno POP 3Specs
SoftwareAndroid 8.1
ChipsetHelio A22
RAM & Storage1 + 16GB
SensorsFingerprint scanner
Face Unlock
Camera5MP & 8MP selfie
Network2G, 3G, & 4G

Well, its good that Tecno manages to stay in the low entry list even with all their focus on the Camon 15 series. Our next phone is from a company that wlare known to produce low entry and affordable phones.

5. Itel A36 (25000 Naira)

Itel A36

This is the cheapest phone we could lay our hands on in this category. And to be it has every right to be here. You’ll understand why it matters this category pretty soon.

For starters, this phone comes with Android 9 pie (Go Edition). Not many phones at this price range comes with Android 9. Then there is a 5.5 inch display with some really nice curve edges.

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There is a 5MP back and front camera. The battery capacity is 3020mAh which is pretty decent. Other features includes the fingerprint sensor and Face Unlock enabled.

It comes in 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. Click Here to buy this phone at the discounted price mentioned above.

Key Features of Itel A36

iTel A36Specs
SoftwareAndroid 9.0 Pie
ChipsetHelio A22
RAM & Storage1 + 16GB
SensorsFingerprint scanner
Face Unlock
Camera5MP & 5MP selfie
Network2G & 3G

We have to save the cheapest for the last and from the features of the phone, the Itel A36 is a really good buy for its price. Now we head over to notable mentions below.

Other Notable Mentions

With the current exchange naira/dollar rate, it is very difficult to find other good phones that cost below 30000 naira. So for this month, there won’t be notable mentions.


Here we’ve come to the end of the best phones under 30000 naira to buy in Nigeria this month. Do well and join us next time for the December edition. Mind you, all the smartphones listed above are now available for purchase in Nigeria.

However, which other smartphone do you think should have made this list? Please kindly drop your suggestions on the comments section below.

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