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Top 6 Best Plagiarism Checkers for ChatGPT and other AI-Generated Contents

Best Plagiarism Checkers for ChatGPT: Chatbots like ChatGPT and Google Bard are very useful AI tools but also bring concerns. One of the major concerns of having tools like ChatGPT around is plagiarism. If you’re a teacher, you might be looking for tools that’ll help you distinguish between AI-generated projects or well-researched, properly formatted, and written content. Well, there are plagiarism checkers that can help you.

For us to come up with this list of the best plagiarism checker for AI-generated content, we focused on:

  • The size of the database of the Plagiarism checker
  • The AI integration of each platform
  • Ease of use and how reliable the platform was
  • How effective the tool was in identifying even rephrased plagiarized contents
  • How long the tool has been in use

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Best plagiarism checkers for ChatGPT

Most of these Plagiarism checkers are free and they do a decent job of picking out AI-generated content. As per our research, below are some of the best plagiarism checkers for ChatGPT, Google Bard, Bing AI, and other AI-generated content:

  • GPTZero
  • AI Text Classifier
  • Plagibot
  • Grammarly

As AI gets better, it’ll be more difficult to identify and separate contents written by AI from those written by humans. Note that the tools above are not 100% accurate but they sure do a good job of identifying AI-generated content.


Best Plagiarism Checkers for ChatGPT

When you first open the GPTZero website, the welcome message is “Humans Deserve the Truth”. This AI plagiarism checker tool was developed by Edward Tian, a senior at Princeton. GPTZero has about a 98% success rate of identifying content generated by ChatGPT. The idea behind this tool is to prevent students from using ChatGPT to cheat in class.

According to one report, GPTZero already has over 20,000 registered educators worldwide. We tried using GPTZero to detect an article we wrote using ChatGPT and it detected it. This is definitely one of the best ChatGPT plagiarism checkers now. GPTZero is a free plagiarism checker tool for everyone.

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OpenAI’s AI Text Classifier

OpenAI also has its own plagiarism checker known as AI Text Classifier. It is built using the same GPT-3 technology used to build ChatGPT. AI Text Classifier is designed by OpenAI to tell the difference between human- and AI-written texts.

According to OpenAI, AI Text Classifier is a “fine-tuned GPT model that predicts how likely that AI from a range of sources, such as ChatGPT generated a piece of text.” This tool determines how likely it seems that content is generated using AI. The results you get vary and are graded as:

  • Very unlikely (less than 10%)
  • Unlikely (10-45% chance)
  • Unclear if it is (45-90% chance)
  • Possibly (90 – 98% chance)
  • Likely (98% and above)

The greater the chance the more likely it is that the content is generated using AI like ChatGPT, Google Bard, etc. AI Text Classifier is also a free tool. All you just have to do is create a free account on the OpenAI website.

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Best Plagiarism Checkers for ChatGPT

Plagibot is another free plagiarism checker you can use to detect AI-generated content. It’s also one of the best plagiarism checkers for ChatGPT and the like because it’s very easy to use. Just visit the Plagibot website, copy and paste the content or upload the content you wish to check, and click the “Search Button”. is very good at detecting duplicate content and other forms of AI-generated content. Although users can rearrange or rephrase contents written by AI, is one tool that will help detect if that content has elements of duplication from various sources.

Using is easy and you can either copy and paste the content or input the website URL to check. To use this tool, you must get credits and it’ll cost you $0.01 per credit (1 credit scans 100 words).

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Best Plagiarism Checkers for ChatGPT is a plagiarism tool that is driven by AI. It has been around for more than 10 years and has billions of articles in its database. This tool is free and allows you to upload files of any size. If you have a big file to check, then this tool is what you need if you can’t afford the premium services of other plagiarism checker tools. can be used to detect auto-generated content as it compares your upload to billions of articles and highlights the similarities between these articles. The more similarities it points out, the more likely that the content is AI-generated.


Grammarly has its own plagiarism checker that you can also utilize to check for AI-generated content. Most AI-generated content looks alike as AI like ChatGPT will practically give the same answer to different users who ask the same questions. So, if 10 different users ask ChatGPT to write an essay on the same topic, chances are the answer from ChatGPT will the very similar if not the same.

The Grammarly plagiarism checker will highlight similarities between the article you checked and other articles online. It’ll pull out various sources where parts of the articles are already available. You can use this information to compare and confirm if that article is AI-generated.

These are some of the best plagiarism checkers for ChatGPT and other AI-generated content. You can use any of these tools to check, compare, and differentiate human-written articles from computer or AI-generated articles.






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