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Apple iPhone Vs Samsung Galaxy Phones which is Better?

Apple iPhone Vs Samsung Galaxy Phones: The words Apple and Samsung screams premium and expensive at same time. In fact, chances are anytime you hear the words Apple iPhones and Samsung Phones, you already have it in mind that it’s going to be expensive.

Well, quality is not always easy to come by which is why the Apple and Samsung devices are mostly expensive. But this leaves the question, between Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Phones, which is better?

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There has always been and will always be this debate about which company produces a better cell phone – Apple or Samsung?

So, based on their latest flagship smartphones, we’ll be comparing these two companies side by side using important components of a smartphone – chipset, Operating System, Camera, Build materials, display, RAM and Storage, security, sensors and battery.

Apple iPhone Vs Samsung Galaxy Phones

Chipset (SoC)

Image of A14 Bionic chipset and Snapdragon 888

iPhone Vs Samsung

System on chip (SoC) or chipset is the brain of every device. It literally takes, process and output results. From browsing speed, to gaming speed to smooth scrolling, user navigation etc. And interestingly, Apple iPhone and Samsung Phones users entirely different chipset.

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iPhone uses the Apple A Bionic chipset while  Samsung Galaxy Phones uses Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets (Samsung also uses the their own Exynos chipset but it’s not as powerful as the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets).

Although the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset is good but it’s integration with Samsung Phones is not as smooth as the integration between the Apple A Bionic chipset and iPhones. So, technically speaking, iPhones come with better chipset.

In this video on YouTube, @Maii_HD ranked the top best chipset of 2021 with data he gathered from various tests. It’s fair to say the that Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 was a runner up for the Apple A Bionic chipset.

Point is, you’ll get better gaming experience, faster processing of images and videos when using an IPhone. Thanks to the A Bionic chipset.

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Operating System

Samsung Phones runs Android operating system (which is opened sourced software but owner by Google). While iPhone uses the Apple iOS operating system.

Depending on your choice of user interface, you’ll find both OS very interesting. Truth is, the widgets in iOS is very impressive but Android OS is fast catching up. And with Android you also get room for lots of customisation via third party Apps which is something you won’t find very easy with Apple iOS.


iPhone 12 Pro Max and Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera

iPhone Vs Samsung

This is one of the reasons why we buy premium smartphones – for us to enjoy taking incredible photos. In this category, both companies have different philosophies.

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Samsung believes in the power of big megapixels, while Apple does not. Take for example, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra come with a staggering 108 megapixels while it’s counterpart, the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max only has 12 megapixels. It’s a huge difference in megapixels.

But, when you compare the photo qualities side by side, you won’t even notice the huge difference in megapixels above. Point is, Samsung is using huge megapixels to bring quality photos, Apple is using small megapixels to bring quality photos. What is most important is the photo qualities not how many megapixels.

Lastly in the camera category, both companies now give you options to use multiple camera. Aside from the main camera, you also get an Ultrawide lens, a telephoto lens and macro lens. Features such as optical image stabilization and steady video are all available.

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Build Materials

There are very few build materials available when it come smartphones (at least for now). The build materials available are; glass, plastic and aluminium. Plastic or rubber materials are always associated with non premium smartphones. But glass and aluminium are seen as premium materials.

So, when you see a phone has glass front, plastic back and plastic frame know that it’s a low budget cell phone. However, a device with glass front, glass back and aluminium frame is viewed as premium cell phone. These premium materials allows more features to be easily added like wireless charging, sensors etc.

In this category, both iPhones and Samsung Phones are using premium materials. Take a look at the build materials of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, you’ll understand why they are very expensive.


Display is another important feature of a smartphone. A bright and colourful display will help you enjoy using the device more. While a dull and not so colorful display will take away the juice.

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Gladly, both Samsung Phones and Apple iPhones make use of good display. For the iPhone 12 series, Apple made use of the Super Retina XDR OLED display while the Samsung Galaxy S21 models come with Dynamic AMOLED displays (both premium displays).

AMOLED displays are not as visible in sunlight as OLED displays. They also uses more power when displaying brighter colours. But overall, they are more power efficient and produces better picture quality.

Size of display and display resolution is one more factor to look out for. And while some will argue that Samsung has better display resolution, the smaller display size of the Apple iPhone compensate for that.

Also, the display of iPhones are flat while those of the Samsung Galaxy phones are sometimes curved (e.g Galaxy Note 10 Ultra and Galaxy S21 Ultra).

With Samsung flagship phones, you also get to enjoy smooth 120Hz refresh rate. But you only get the standard 60Hz refresh rate with iPhone.

RAM and Internal Storage

Samsung Galaxy phones can have as high as 16GB of RAM while the most for an Apple iPhone so far is 6GB of RAM (that is 10GB less). While it’s true that the bigger the RAM size the better, it’s also true that software and hardware optimization is very important.

Remember that Apple has their own operating system (iOS), their own chipset (A Bionic), and their own phone (iPhone). This is why you would hardly notice the iPhone lagging behind when it come to RAM. The system is build to optimized in an endless loop of personal ecosystem.

Unlike Samsung that got its OS (Android) from Google and chipset (Snapdragon) from Qualcomm. In storage, both phones has up to 512GB Internal storage. Sadly there is no room for storage expansion via microSD card for both phones (recent models).


Security is an important part of owning a device. And both phones uses back to back encryption to make sure you are not been spied on. This is why from the get go, Apple does not allow installation of Apps from outside it’s Apple Store.

Android use to allow installation of such Apps but it’s gradually changing its policies. As far as security is concern, Samsung and Apple gives you top level security. But, if you knowingly or unknowingly give out your security details, don’t blame the companies.


There are whole lots of sensors you can enjoy when using either phones. But Samsung make use of the fingerprint sensor while Apple is only interested in using Face ID (at least for far, as rumor has it that incomng iPhone 13 will have fingerprint scanner).

You also get to enjoy Siri AI with iPhone while you get Bixby with Samsung phones.


Samsung phones come with as big as 5000mAh battery. But the highest in Apple iPhone yet is 3687mAh. Both has wireless and reverse wireless charge.

This does not mean that the iPhone battery drain faster than those of the Samsung phones. Most Samsung flagship phones has 120Hz refresh rate which makes the display drains battery. Apple has stuck with the standard 60Hz refresh rate since I can remember.

Prices and Value for Money

At release, the iPhone 12 cost about $799, the 12 Pro $999, and the Pro Max $1,099 (for the base variant).

While the Samsung Galaxy S12 cost about $769 at launch, the S21+ $949, and the S21 Ultra a staggering $1,329 (for the base variant).

If you know what to do with Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy Phones, you’ll sure enjoy these device and won’t feel you wasted the money spent. Using the all high specs like 120Hz refresh rate, utilizing it’s AI, gaming capabilities and camera prowess of these phones is well worth the money.

Where to buy iPhone and Samsung Phones at affordable prices

If you are looking to buy any of these phones but don’t have the money to spend, well you can buy at a more affordable price from BestBuy, UpTradeit or eBay.

So there you have it folks. Choosing between buying an iPhones or a Samsung Phone comes down to user preferences. If you like the iOS, A Bionic chipset and iPhone interface better, then you are definitely an Apple fan boy so go for it.

But, if the freedom of customisation from Android is your thing, bigger display and higher refresh rate with more camera option is your thing then buy a Samsung Phone.

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