Many low budget and high budget smartphone users always face this decision of choosing between Infinix and Tecno Phones. In reality between these two brands, which produces better phones?

While it might be easy to just say Infinix is better than Tecno or say the reverse, this argument goes beyond sentiments. So, we are going to provide you with details as to which of these brands make better phones.

But before we do that, it’s good we let you know a little about these brands. This way you’d be able to better understand their similarities and differences, this in-turn will help you understand which is better.

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About Infinix Mobile

Founded in 2013 by Transsion Holdings, Infinix Mobile is a Hong Kong-based smartphone manufacturer. Infinix Mobile are well known in the Nigeria Market for manufacturing low budget and low mid-range smartphones that cost less but offer all that users will need.

About Tecno Mobile

Tecno Mobile is a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer based in Hong Kong that was established in 2006. Tecno Mobile makes low budget and low mid-range smartphones that offer all the qualities of a smartphone at lower cost.

The Similarities Between Infinix Mobile and Tecno Mobile

However, if we can get to compare the features of the phones produce by both companies we might be able to know which is better.

  • Both are smartphone manufacturing company
  • Both companies are subsidiary of the Transsion Holdings
  • They produce low budget and low mid-range smartphones for users.
  • Their smartphones are very cheap.
  • Infinix Mobile and Tecno Mobile have made it possible for person with small money to have a taste of what smartphone looks like.
  • They don’t always produce high flagship devices that costs hundreds of thousands.
  • Both phone companies are based in Hong Kong.

Differences Between Tecno Mobile and Infinix Mobile

  • Both companies are owned and managed by different persons or group of persons.
  • Tecno have the Phantom as their most expensive phone.
  • Infinix have the Infinix Zero as their most expensive phone.
  • Both companies have different founders

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Now that we know these phone manufacturers have so much in common with some few differences which of these two phones is better. Well let’s get to understand which is better and why.

Between Infinix and Tecno Phones Which is Better

It is very hard to decide which is better between Infinix and Tecno Phones. Reason because both manufacturers produce lots of phones in a year that you get confuse as to which one you should buy. But, we have studied the features of their phones which makes it easier for us ti actually know which of these phone companies produces a better Android phone.

Phone Battery

There are lots of categories of phone users and both phones have smartphones that meets almost all categories. For example, the Infinix Hot 8 comes with a 5000mAh battery that is expected to last for a long time. But then the Tecno Pouvoir 3 comes with a 6000mAh battery.

Point is, if you are looking for phones with long lasting batteries, both Infinix and Tecno have these phones. So literally you can’t say Infinix phones have better battery than Tecno phones and vice versa.

Phone Camera

Maybe you are not much of a battery usage person but a camera or photo freak. Let’s assume when you heard the 32 megapixel front camera of the Tecno Camon 12 pro you got excited and said Tecno have better camera phones. Hey, hold on a minute. Have you seen the recently released Infinix S5 that also boost of 32 megapixel front camera?

So you can’t really say Infinix phones or Tecno Phones have better cameras. Depending on the type of Infinix or Tecno phone, they offer same value in terms of camera.

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Aside from front camera, most of the phones produce by Infinix and Tecno now make use of triple rear cameras. They also come with same features such as AI beauty, portrait and night mode.

Phone Designs

How about the designs of Infinix and Tecno Phones. Alright it’s true that most Tecno phones now have the dew drop design. Like the one found in Tecno Spark 4 but same design is seen in Infinix S4 and Infinix Hot 8.

What if you are impressed by the new dot notch of the Infinix S5, well hold on a little bit, have you seen the design of the Tecno Camon 12 Air, well it also comes with same dot notch design.

Chipset and Software

If you want to take the argument to the chipset and software used in these phones then there is really nothing to talk about. Infinix and Tecno Phones uses the Mediatek chipset. While some of these Chipset may perform better than others, the bottom line is both uses same chipset.

In their software, both Infinix and Tecno Phones have really tried to keep up to date with recent updates. Anytime there is a new Android OS, these manufacturers make sure that their phones make me of these new Android OS.

RAM and Internal Storage

So our comparison between these two smartphone manufacturers will take us to the RAM and Internal Storage. If you feel Tecno phones have bigger internal storage and bigger RAM sizes then you have to think again.

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So far, the maximum internal storage for these phones is 128GB and the maximum RAM size is 6GB. And both Infinix phones and Tecno phones offer space for external storage via microSD card. Simply put, you get same quality in this category also.

Why Infinix and Tecno Phones are important in Africa and Asia

We have to be thankful to Infinix Mobile and Tecno Mobile for helping thousands of Africans and Asians have access to quality smartphones. In truth, in an economy such as the one found in Nigeria and India, we need the likes of Infinix/Tecno Mobile.

They have found a way to produce phones that have qualities of present day smartphones at a relatively cheap price for users. If you do not have money to get a high mid-range or flagship smartphones then Infinix/Tecno Mobile will help you get something that will perfectly substitute for it.


When it comes to quality, design, chipset,camera, battery, storage and even price both Infinix and Tecno Phones have so much in common.

Depending on the type of Infinix or Tecno phone you got you might just be getting same value. So don’t be too quick to say Tecno Phones are better than Infinix phones or say the reverse. Both companies use same chipset manufacturer (MediaTek), have same plastic build etc.

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  1. Tecno phones are better than infinix phones because T have big battery, good design and good camera than infinix phones
    Thank you all

  2. I prefer infinix more than Tecno because infinix is more durable in hand and it’s design are off the word work moreover most Tecno are heavy

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