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Binance blocking accounts of users in Africa and here is why

In the early hours of the day, some Binance users took to twitter to complained about having their Binance Accounts locked for no reason. According to these users, they broke no known rules and had received no prior notification via email or text.

Most of these users are based in Africa and some have well over 500,000 USD worth of assets in their accounts. So, what were the complaints and why is Binance blocking, locking and suspending these accounts?

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A user named @Kabirshuaib4 tweeted “My account withdrawal has been disabled and I have complained so hard for my issue to be resolved and I have proven all the necessary documents that is my account but still the issue has not been resolve it’s bad to be an African??????? @cz_binance #BinanceStopScamming

To be clear, Binance have the right to freeze or lock any account in its platform once it senses suspicious activities. This means, in an effort to keep the Binance space safe, the company has to take some safety measures.

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So, to clarify what has happened and what is happening, Binance Africa tweeted “User security is our top priority. At times, we proactively restrict accounts to protect users’ funds. Other times, we have to restrict accounts at the request of law enforcement. But never will we restrict accounts without good reason.

The company also went further to explain “Once we have received your case information, we will review if and why your account is restricted. If your account has been restricted at the request of a law enforcement agency we will send you details of who to contact for next steps.”

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In conclusion, Binance said “At Binance we are committed to working with law enforcement agencies to ensure our community remains safe, and to prevent fraudulent activity throughout the industry. Binance is not scamming you.

But, if you feel your Binance Account is wrongly locked or suspended, you can fill this form from Binance. This will help the company investigate and resolve your issue if there is need.

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