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BizConnect: The Good Tariff Plan that Nigerians Dislike

MTN BizConnect: How can something be good and still be disliked by many? The Biz Connect Tariff plan from MTN has so many benefits but Nigerians don’t seem to like it. But why?

We wrote an article explaining the benefits and how to migrate to the MTN Biz Connect. And from the comment section of that article, we’ve only received negative feedbacks. But, the benefits the plan offers is nice, why is it getting many negative feedbacks.

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One of our reader Juddysmith said, “I have migrated to MTNbizconnect but still I can’t see the 400mb which is weekly not even to talk about the 12kobo calls“.

BobZyna also said, “This kind MTN Bizconnect not good at all, i no see any 400mb not to talk of that 12kobo per seconds“.

In fact, aside from direct emails, we’ve received 6 comments about this MTN Plan, only one is positive. So, we decided to make a research to see why Nigerians dislike the Biz Connect and below is what we found out.

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BizConnect is still a Good Tariff Plan

Yes, BizConnect is not bad in itself. This MTN Plan offers some really juicy stuffs but there is a confusion. Nigerians prefer the terms and conditions laid out bare but that is not the case with this plan.

From our previous article, we explained that this plan is targeted at small business owners. Which simply means it won’t be suitable for individuals. Among the benefits of this plan is 400MB weekly data and making calls at 12kobo per second.

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But, everyday MTN will charge you 15 Naira for every first call you make. You can only enjoy the 12kobo per second after the daily fee is deducted. And the 400MB weekly data is only given to you when you recharge your line during the week.

So, except you make lots of calls daily, you won’t actually be getting much from this plan. The problem is that most individuals are activating this plan. Maybe with hopes of getting free 400MB weekly or making calls at 12kobo per seconds.

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While the BizConnect Plan might be good for small business owners who makes lots of calls daily, it’s not so good for individuals. As an individual, if you migrating to Bz Connect, you’re making the wrong move (it’s not design for you).

Only individuals on this plan dislike it. There are numerous MTN tariff plans targeted at individuals. It would be best if you pick from any of those plans.






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