Tecno Camon 16 Premier vs Camon 15 Premier: If you are here reading this post, let us guess why you here? You recently bought Camon 15 Premier and now Camon 16 Premier is out and you wondering if your new Camon 15 Premier is old?

It’s very funny how a new phone can feel old all of a sudden when you see it has an upgrade out of the blue. But, be it you are curious as to if your new Camon 15 Premier is already old or you want to make a purchase decision between these two phones, this post is just for you.

If there is one reason why most users are kind of upset with Tecno Mobile, its the fact that they don’t always bring major software updates for their devices. This is the reason why users like you (and our team members) are forced to buy every o f their new phone.

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The above market strategy have been working for them over the past years but it’s not so good for we the users. Imagine the Camon 15 Premier that was released just yesterday is now feeling old because there is a release of the Camon 16 Premier today (if you know what we mean).

Just to ease your mind, the Camon 15 Premier is not old but the Camon 16 Premier is an upgrade in most areas. And if you want to know if you should upgrade, then you should finish reading this comparison article.

Just before we begin, we want you to understand that this comparison is no way meant to discredit either of the phones. It’s a comparison based on the specifications released by the phone company.

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We’ll now kick things off with comparing the features of these phones.

Camon 16 Premier vs Camon 15 Premier

Half way down this article if you are wondering why Tecno Mobile decided to bring a replacement for the Tecno Camon 15 Premier so fast, well we are also wondering same.

Bt as stated earlier, the Camon 16 Premier might be the successor but it does not in any way make the Camon 15 Premier obsolete. After all, the Camon 15 Premier still have the modern pop-up selfie camera.

Now its time for us to start the comparison proper. And we are starting from the network connectivity of both phones.

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Camon 16 Premier vs Camon 15 Premier: Network Connectivity

There is no 5G for both phone and its no surprise because the major market where these phone are sold are without 5G network (at the least as at the time of writing this article).

So, there is really no difference here as both phones offer same value for users here. You can make use of 4G lite which is also have a very fast internet connectivity.

Camon 16 Premier vs Camon 15 Premier: Build, Design and Display

Both phone have same build materials; a glass front, plastic back and plastic frame. Which is like the standard build materials for mid-range devices.

There is IPS LCD display type for both phones with the Camon 16 Premier having a bigger 6.9-inch display while the other have a smaller 6.6-inch display size.

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When it comes to the design, both phones are very different. The Camon 15 Premier gives you are full screen display thanks to the pop-up selfie camera. Camon 16 premier on the other hand offers a bigger punch hole display at the left of the screen.

These two phones comes with same build materials, same display type and almost same display size, but the Camon 16 Premier is quite better. Here is the reason below.

The Camon 16 Premier comes with a 90Hz refresh rate which is a feature that is not available in the other device. A bigger display size and a more smooth 90Hz refresh rate for the Camon 16 Premier.

Camon 16 Premier vs Camon 15 Premier: Operating System and Chipset

Both phones run on the latest Android 10 Software along with Tecno latest skin software HiOS. You can expect same performance and user experience when using both phones.

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Talk about chipset and the real upgrades starts here. There is MediaTek Helio G90T chipset used for the Camon 16 Premier while there is MediaTek Helio P35 used for the predecessor.

There is really no much to talk about here. The chipset used in the Camon 16 Premier is far better than that of the other device.

If you are looking for that extra boost in gaming and smooth performance, then you should switch to or buy the Camon 16 Premier.

Camon 16 Premier vs Camon 15 Premier: Internal Storage and RAM

There is 6GB of RAM for the Camon 15 Premier while there is 8GB of RAM for the Camon 16 Premier. Both phones comes with 128GB internal storage with option for expansion via microSD card.

A 6GB is good but the 8GB RAM is better. Of course, the RAM size of the Camon 15 Premier is just enough to keep your apps alive.

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Camon 16 Premier vs Camon 15 Premier: Camera

At the rear, we won’t actually make much fuse about the camera. Both phones have a 64MP main camera and they use same SONY sensor. You can expect the photo quality to be very similar.

Upfront, the Camon 16 Premier comes with a 48 + 8MP dual selfie camera while the Camon 15 Premier comes with a single 32MP camera. Both phones can record 4K videos, have gyro-EIS features enabled.

But, the Camon 16 Premier camera can record videos at slow mo which a feature you won’t have in its predecessor.

Camon 16 Premier vs Camon 15 Premier: Battery

There is 4000mAh battery for the Camon 15 Premier while there is a bigger 4500mAh battery with 33W fast charge for its successor.

Camon 16 Premier vs Camon 15 Premier: Prices

The starting price of the Tecno Camon 16 Premier is $272, 105,000 Naira while the starting price of the Tecno Camon 15 Premier is $250, 95,000 Naira.

From the price above, the Camon 16 Premier is about $22, 8,500 Naira more expensive than the Camon 15 Premier. Which leaves us with the question, should you dump your Camon 15 Premier for the Camon 16 Premier?

From the price difference, we can come up to two different conclusion regarding this comparison.

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Firstly: In our honest option the answer to the above question is NO. Yes, its true that the new Camon phone is an upgrade of the previous Camon phone, but think about it, how soon will it be replaced by another Camon phone?

So, if you are asking if you should sell your Camon 15 Premier to get the Camon 16 Premier, we’d advice you to wait and upgrade directly to the Camon 17 Premier which might even have Android 11 installed.

Secondly: But, if you are making a decision between buying either of these phones, we advice you buy the Camon 16 Premier. Reason because the price difference is not much and it additional features makes it worth the price.

When you buy the Tecno Camon 16 Premier, you’ll see the difference right from the display. A full HD resolution, a dual selfie camera, decent chipset, 90Hz refresh rate, more camera quality and features.

So, this is the comparison between the Tecno Camon 16 Premier vs Camon 16 Premier. Tell us what you think about these phones and which would you prefer to buy and why. Use the comment section below.

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