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ChatGPT Memory: How it Works and the Advantages

ChatGPT Memory: OpenAI has introduced Memory for ChatGPT. It simply means the ability for the AI Chatbot to remember things you discuss to make future chats more helpful. Remembering your chats will save you ample time from having to repeat information.

But no need to worry because you are in control of ChatGPT’s memory. You can tell it to remember something, ask it what it remembers, and tell it to forget memories. It’s all within your power to control.

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How ChatGPT Memory Works

  • You’ve explained that you prefer meeting notes to have headlines, bullets, and action items summarized at the bottom. ChatGPT remembers this and recaps meetings this way.
  • You’ve told ChatGPT you own a neighborhood coffee shop. When brainstorming messaging for a social post celebrating a new location, ChatGPT knows where to start. 
  • You mention that you have a toddler and that she loves jellyfish. When you ask ChatGPT to help create her birthday card, it suggests a jellyfish wearing a party hat. 
  • As a kindergarten teacher with 25 students, you prefer 50-minute lessons with follow-up activities. ChatGPT remembers this when helping you create lesson plans.

How to Turn Off ChatGPT Memory

  • Go to Settings
  • Enter personalization 
  • Go to Memory 
  • And toggle off the button
  • Note: while memory is off, you won’t create or use memories.

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You can repeat the process above to toggle on memory. If you’d like to have a conversation without using memory, use a temporary chat. Temporary chats won’t appear in history, won’t use memory, and won’t be used to train OpenAI models.








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