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5 Cheapest MTN Call Tariff Plans in Nigeria (2023)

These are the 5 cheapest MTN call tariff plans in Nigeria. This list contains the cheaper tariff plan for international calls, MTN-to-MTN, and MTN-to-other networks. With these plans, you can call your family and friends both at home and away easily. Below are the top 5 best cheapest MTN call tariff plans in 2023.

5 Cheapest MTN Call Tariff Plans in Nigeria

1. MTN Pulse

MTN Pulse has many advantages. Aside from the night plan, it offers cheap calls too. If you recharge your airtime of N100, you’ll get up to 13 minutes of call time. The first 90 seconds call will cost you N24.30, but subsequent calls will be charged at 11.26k/sec to all networks. Dial *123*2*2# to migrate to MTN Pulse or see more benefits here.

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2. MTN XtraSpecial Postpaid

If you want to call international numbers, the MTN XtraSpecial postpaid is a good plan to migrate to. The tariff plan allows you to enjoy a FLAT call rate of 13.33 kobo per second to all the Networks in Nigeria and 10 selected destinations such as Australia, Canada, USA, Norway, Ireland, Malaysia, South Korea, Romania, India, and China. Here’s how to migrate to the XtraSpecial Postpaid.

3. MTN TruTalk

Another cheap MTN call tariff plan to migrate to is the MTN TruTalk. It offers you a flat call rate of 12.26kobo/sec for calls ACROSS ALL local networks in Nigeria after paying a daily access fee of ₦10.  How many minutes does 100 naira give on MTN TruTalk? Up to 13 minutes of a call. To migrate Simply dial  *400# or *123*2*6#. You can also text TT to 131.

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4. MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid

This tariff plan favors international calls more. You are charged 15k/sec to all networks in Nigeria and 18 countries with no daily access fee. The 18 international destinations are Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. To join this tariff plan Simply dial *408*1# or *123*2*4#. You can also text 408 to 131.

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If you recharge N100 on this plan, you’ll get up to 14 minutes of calls. You’ll be rewarded a 500% airtime bonus on every recharge from ₦100 & above OR 350% on every recharge between ₦1 & ₦99. To take advantage of this offer, simply recharge using the special code *888*PIN#, VTU, or via the MoMo channel.

Cheapest MTN Call Tariff Plans in Nigeria
Cheapest MTN Call Tariff Plans in Nigeria

What tariff plan do you think is missing from this list of cheapest MTN call tariff plans in Nigeria? Let us know below.






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  1. Olaniyan olatunji Avatar
    Olaniyan olatunji

    l bought a recharge of 3000# and l think l have been checking through my balance, until the day l checked the balance remaining like 846# , so l put a call to friend in few seconds not upto 30 seconds and the money was cut down to 400#. l was chocked.

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