Having a Super AMOLED screen with high refresh rate is good but having a strong glass screen is even better. The Corning Gorilla Glass Victus is arguably the best glass screen yet. Here is why we can come to conclusion above.

Corning Gorilla Glass Victus is the recently released glass screen from Corning Gorilla Glass company. The previously released Corning Gorilla Glass 6 was use by lots of flagship including Samsung and Apple iPhone. But, we have something even stronger and better now.

According to the company, they conducted a survey asking users which feature they prefer most in glass screen protection. And the feedback suggested that users prefer to have a screen glass that is both scratch resistant and have high drop performance.

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The chart below shows how better the new Gorilla Glass Victus is when compared to the Gorilla Glass 6 and other glasses (#TougherTogether).

Gorilla Glass Victus Chart

Before now, glass screens are either high scratch resistant or drop resistant. But, imagine having a screen that has both ratings. This is what the Corning Gorilla Glass Victus is bringing to the table.

From series of tests, the new Corning Gorilla Glass screen screen is 20% stronger than the Corning Gorilla Glass 6. While it is 2x more resistant to scratches than the Gorilla Glass 6.

Now, if you have used a phone with the Gorilla Glass 6, you would understand how strong that glass is. Imagine that the Gorilla Glass Victus is even stronger and better.

This means that other competition don’t even come close to this new Glass. According to Corning Glass, the company said that lab test suggest that the new Gorilla Glass Victus is far superior to all its competition.

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According to the Lab test performed by Corning Glass, the new Gorilla Glass Victus is 2x stronger and 3x better scratch resistant when compared with its competitions.

Of course, it might be that previous glass products were used for these lab experiments. And we hope that other companies bring new glass that competes with this new Gorilla Glass.

Whichever the case, if you have this new Gorilla Glass in your phone, you should not be afraid. Below are the reasons why.

This new Gorilla Glass Victus can survive if it fell from up to 2 meters. And things like keys, screw drivers won’t scratch through the surface that easy. Its pretty cool right?

We have information that the incoming Samsung Galaxy Note20 will be using this new Gorilla Glass as its screen. Which makes the incoming phone even more interesting.

Conclusively, the new Corning Gorilla Glass Victus will cost almost same price as the previously released Corning Gorilla Glass 6. Its incredible how the company manages to offer more value while maintaining same price. Tell us what you think about this new Gorilla Glass via your comment below.

Source: Corning Gorilla Glass

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