Tech Arena24 introduces WAPP to pay stolen funds of hacked users

Following the recent hack incident that, where some 483 users lost about $34, 393, 460.20, has introduced the Worldwide Account Protection Program (WAPP) to pay stolen funds. This means, all users will have their assets insured even in the case of hack.

According to the new update from, WAPP offers additional protection and security for user funds held in the App and the Exchange.

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The purpose of WAPP is to help protect the funds of user in cases where a third party (a hacker) gains unauthorized access to their account and withdraws funds without the user’s permission. For qualified users, WAPP can refund up to $250,000 of stolen or lost funds.

But, as with every refund program, there are terms and conditions associated to using WAPP. To qualify for the WAPP program, users must: 

  1. Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on all transaction types where MFA is currently available, 
  2. Set up an anti-phishing code at least 21 days prior to the reported unauthorized transaction,
  3. Not be using jailbroken devices, 
  4. File a police report and provide a copy of it to; and 
  5. Complete a questionnaire to support a forensic investigation.

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To highlight the importance of security to, Kris Marszalek, Co-founder and CEO of said, “The safety of our customers’ funds is our highest priority, and we are continually enhancing our Defence-in-Depth security and protection measures.” But, in a case where hackers gain access to users account, will make a refund using WAPP.

The goal of still remains to prevent any security breaches. However, the industry leading insurance policy and Worldwide Account Protection Programs offer its customers additional protections in rare instances when there is an incident (such as hack).

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If you have any questions about WAPP and if you’re eligible, visit the support page for more details.




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