You might have come across a dash cam and maybe you wonder if it’s even important to get one for yourself. Well, there are several reasons why you should get this tech gadget in your vehicle. But before we jump into the importance of dash cams, it’s good we have a basic understanding of what it is.

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What is a Dash Cam?

Dash Cam is the acronym of Dashboard Camera and it can also be called; car digital video recorder, driving recorder, or event data recorder. This is a camera placed on a dashboard or windscreen of your car to record whatever your eyes see upfront.

In this case, it serves as a silent secondary witness to whatever your eyes have seen. Most Dash Cams also come with cabin camera that records the interior of your car. In this case, it sees what’s going on in your car that you’re not aware of.

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So, dash cams have one job and one job only, help you to record events of what is happening around you while you drive. Well, if everyone you meet on the road have good intentions I believe we’ll have little need for dash cams.

And this brings us to the importance of owning a dashboard camera.

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Importance of Dash Cams

There are various reasons why you need a dash cam in your car. And if you’re still skeptical about it (which is fine), below are three reasons why you should get a dashboard camera.

1. Silent Witness

When there is an incident or accident while driving, your dashboard camera will have a record of what happened. When there is an argument it becomes a game of whose voice is louder. But with a dash cam, you don’t need to scream too much.

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Just bring the camera out and playback the incident and the whole problem is solved. Who is wrong and who is right will be seen with ease. So, dashboard cameras act as silence witness for you.

2. Protection against Fraud

We’ve seen and heard of insurance frauds on the road and there are tons of YouTube Videos that confirms this to be true. Some persons might just walk directly into your driving car and claim you hit them. If you don’t own a dashboard cam, it becomes your word against theirs.

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But, with a dashboard cam, it’s easy to playback the record to the right authority and you’ll be saved from these persons who’re unlawfully taking advantage of a legal law. So, dash cams can protect you from fraud while on the road.

3. Your personal security guard

In reality, dash cams are security guards. Think about it, how often are you aware of what’s going on at the back of your car? Or when you park your car outside how do you tell what has happened around or to your car?

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If you have dash cams, you’ll easily record whatever is happening inside your car and even what happened around your car while you were away. This way, you know who to hold responsible for whatever happened in or around your car.

Why do you need a dash cam?

  1. It serves as a witness to incident and accident
  2. Shows records of what happened inside and around your car
  3. Protection against insurance frauds
  4. It’s easy to install
  5. Most dash cams are relatively cheap
  6. Helps you get insurance for your damaged car (when someone damaged your car and is claiming innocence).
Cost of a new Dash Cam

The price of dash cams range from as low as $50 to as high as $300. You can check out the prices of dashboard cameras on Rexing USA. You can also enjoy free shipping on orders $99 and above within the United States.

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