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Can You Use DaVinci Resolve on iPad Pro? 

Can you get DaVinci Resolve on iPad Pro? Yes! DaVinci Resolve is one of the most popular video editing apps and Blackmagic Design, the company behind the program has affirm the video editing tool for iPad Pro.

DaVinci Resolve will be free for iPad Pro to download on Apple App Store. The video editing app will be available to download on iPad Pro in late 2022. On the iPad Pro, the editing application won’t have a menu bar even though its look will somehow look similar to that of desktop version.

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DaVinci Resolve on iPad Pro will support H.264, H.265, Apple ProRes, and Blackmagic RAW. The editing app will be granted permission to access the Apple Photos library, external storage via USB-C, and iCloud.

DaVinci Resolve on iPad Pro
DaVinci Resolve on iPad Pro

According to Blackmagic Design CEO, Grant Petty, “DaVinci Resolve for iPad is truly a revolution for post production”. Thanks to the M2 chipset in the new iPad Pro 2022 DaVinci Resolve promises up to 4x faster Ultra HD ProRes render performance compared to its predecessor with M1 chip.

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The iPad Pro with M2 chip is now available for purchase and you can make use of the box at the bottom of this post to buy it.

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