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Download Android 13 for your Pixel 6a and Pixel 4a

The Google Pixel 6a and Pixel 4a were among the Google Pixel phones to participate in the Android 13 beta program. Both smartphones were able to download, install, and test the betas of Android 13. Well, you can now download Android 13 in your Pixel 6a and Pixel 4a in some countries.

If you live in India, the US, and the UK and you own a Pixel 6a or Pixel 4a, you can now download Android 13 on your phones. This update is expected to ring some minor updates and graphic changes to your device. Updates like this usually included monthly security patches that fix some bugs and other related security issues.

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How to download Android 13 on your Pixel 6a and Pixel 4a

The easiest way to download and install Android 13 on your Pixel 6a and Pixel 4a is to go to the Software Update section in the Settings phone. If the update is available, you should see the latest version of Android. Just download and install from there. Note that your device might have to reboot multiple times before the update is complete and do not interrupt the process.

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But, if you can’t find the update in the Software Update center above, then you have to download and install the update manually. To do this, go to the official Google Android 13 website, select your Google device, and download the Android 13 software update for your Google device.

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You can use any of the methods below to install the Android 13 update on your Pixel 6a or Pixel 4a:

  • You can download Android 13 using two methods i.e Flash or Manually Install a system image
  • Method 1: The flash method requires you to use a Google online flash tool for Pixel phones.
  • Method 2: You have to manually download the system image for your Pixel phone and install it from your device.
  • Follow the onscreen instruction on the web page and complete the Installation of the Android 13 Beta 4.1 on your Google Pixel 6a.

Note that it’s very important that you backup your files before you start a software update. This way you can restore your files if anything goes wrong.






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