The cheapest foldable phone: What do you think about getting a foldable phone that cost below $400. Seems unrealistic but the smartphone world is full of surprises and we got one for you. Today, i woke up to watch an interesting video on YouTube about a foldable phone that cost below $400.

Well there was a long story attached with the manufacturers of the smartphone but I’ll just let you check Google and Wikipedia to know more about who Pablo Escobar is. But hold up, a foldable phone with premium designs and features for $400?

Well, MrWhoIsTheBoss posted a video on his YouTube channel talking about possibly the cheapest foldable phone yet. Imagine the Samsung Galaxy fold costs about $2,000 and it also sold out in Nigeria. How do you think a foldable phone that is more than three times cheaper will perform in sales? Yeah my thought exactly.

Then we have the newly released Motorola Razr and Samsung Galaxy Z flip which cost around $1,500. Now take a moment and think of the Escobar Fold 2 which cost about $400. Seriously, it is like one third the cost of the current foldable phones.

According to the video on YouTube by MrWhoIsTheBoss, the Escobar company is trying to delve into making smartphone. And it seems that they are interested in making cheaper premium phones.

Escobar Fold 2
Credit: MrWhoIsTheBoss

This new foldable phone has same design and internal feature as the Samsung Galaxy fold. Which means that there is really nothing new with the phone. But getting a tweaked version of the Samsung Galaxy fold at such a cheap amount is outrageous but cool.

According to the YouTube video, it seems that this new phone was made from copies of rejected Samsung Galaxy folds, overstocked Galaxy folds and working Galaxy folds.

In my own opinion, i think Escobar is trying to make an entry into the smartphone market. And there is no better way to do this than to point fingers towards top brands and gets attention. Producing the cheapest foldable phone is a very good way to start.

Well, we know that no company would want to live in the shadows of other tech company. So we think a new Escobar smartphone might hit the market anytime soon. Will it bring some new stuffs into the smartphone market? should Apple, Samsung, Oppo and the likes be afraid? Will Escobar manufacture flagship smartphones at very cheap prices?

Only time will answer the questions above. In the main time, you can CLICK HERE to subscribe to Tech Arena on YouTube and get all latest updates. For a price below $400, Escobar Fold 2 is definitely the cheapest foldable phone thus far.

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