Samsung will be unveiling its next flagship chipset on January 11 2022. This is coming months after Qualcomm and MediaTek unveiled theirs. The new Samsung chipset is called the Exynos 2200 and it will come with AMD graphics.

The unveiling date is just a week after CES and the rumored launch date for the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. But the new Galaxy S21 FE won’t be using the new Exynos chip but the older Exynos 2100 (Snapdragon 888 5G chip in the US and China Markets).

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However, the new chipset might feature inside the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 series that is expected to debut sometime February 2022.

Exynos 2200

The talking point of this chip is the RDNA 2 base GPU – this is same architecture used in the AMD’s RX 6000-series GPUs. This GPU I featured in the custom chips used current Xbox and PlayStation gaming consoles.

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Like every other Android flagship chipset in the market, this chip will use the ARM new cores for its CPU. But, it GPU is different and means it’s targeted at gamers.

The hardware support for ray tracing will be the first in a mobile phone. It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out in the gaming industry and what gamers will do with this feature.


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