Fitbit premium subscription has dropped to $32 from the usual $80. Normally, the Fitbit subscription fee costs $10 for a month or $80 annually. But now it will cost $4 for the first month or $32 for the first year which is %40 cheaper. This discount isn’t for eternal, it will end on January 17. So you better hurry if you are interested.

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The advantage of Fitbit premium is that it shows more detailed health and fitness data. Additional features include 200+ workouts, 200+ mindfulness sessions, sleep score breakdowns, wellness reports, etc. The good thing is that if you buy the Google Pixel Watch or Fitbit Sense 2 and Versa 4, you’ll get several months for free.

Fitbit premium subscription

Fitbit Premium subscription discounts are available in India too. You’ll pay INR 39 for the first month instead of the normal INR 99 or INR 399 for the first year instead of the usual INR 999. As we mentioned earlier on, this deal is only available for a limited time.

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