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Foxconn to increase Production of iPhone 14 Pro or risk Losing Apple’s Partnership

Since its release, the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro models have had stock shortages and this is due to problems that one of Apple’s major suppliers Foxconn is facing in China. The company has come out to not only clear the air but also announce when the stock shortage for the iPhone 14 Pro models will end.

Foxconn factories in China are responsible for manufacturing half of all Apple iPhones sold globally. The company is a major/crucial supplier for Apple and plays important role in iPhone productions. This year, the Covid-19 restrictions in China have affected the production and distribution of devices and Foxconn factories in China are not excluded.

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Foxconn to Fix its Production Issues by January

According to a report from Reuters, Foxconn is working to keep all its business partners and will resume full production in late December 2022 or early January 2023. The company hopes to return to normal production routine and has assured its business partners that it is working to restore production levels to their pre-pandemic state.

Foxconn Revenue

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Due to disruptions at its Zhengzhou factory, Foxconn saw a decline in the revenue of the smart consumer electronics business, which includes smartphones in November. The company did not provide full details of the decrease in revenue or the full impact of this disruption but the revenue fell when compared to revenue from last year.

The Chinese government is enacting more Covid-19 restrictions and Foxconn’s plan at Zhengzhou has been struggling with strict COVID-19 restrictions. This has led to dissatisfaction among workers regarding conditions at the factory which has disrupted production of the Apple device ahead of the Christmas and New Year holidays.

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This unfortunate disruption is also affecting the business relationship between Apple and Foxconn. To solve this, Apple is planning to move production from China to counties like India and Vietnam. So, it seems Foxconn has to come up with a way to scale up the production of the iPhones if they want to maintain their business relationship with the Cupertino giant.

Foxconn has assured its business partners that it’ll do all it can to increase production by January 2023. Hopefully, the company will find a common ground with the Chinese government to allow them better working conditions. But for now, it seems there will be a stock shortage for the iPhone 14 Pro models this Christmas.






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