Newer phones are expected to be more expensive than older phones. But, it seems the incoming Samsung Galaxy Note20 will be cheaper (less expensive) than the previously released Samsung Galaxy Note10. This seems exciting but also brings about couple of questions.

Before we talk about the questions and concerns regarding a cheaper Galaxy Note20, lets discuss why this new flagship from Samsung might be more affordable than their older flagship.

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Why The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Might Be Cheaper Than Galaxy Note10

The main reason why Samsung might consider a reduction of the selling price of the incoming Galaxy Note20 is due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. A report on May 2020 shows that there was a huge fall in shipment of phones globally. This Report went on to show how it affected various smartphone companies.

Samsung was also hit by the Covid 19 pandemic and this is might be forcing their hands to lower the price of the Galaxy Note20. According to Herald Economy, the rumored starting price of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is about 1.45 Million South Korean Won ($1208). While the Galaxy Note 20 base variant will cost about 1.2 Million South Korean Won ($999).

This is cheaper than the Galaxy Note10 last year that cost about 1.24 Million South Korean Won ($1040). While the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus costs about 1.49 Million South Korean Won ($1246). Going by the above, we can see that the Galaxy Note 10 of last year is about $44 cheaper while the Galaxy Note10 Plus is about $38 cheaper than the Galaxy Note 20 ultra.

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Currently there are lots of rumors flying around regarding the incoming Samsung Galaxy Note20. But, we have seen the first leaks and it looks pretty good. While we await the official release by Samsung come August, we want you to know what these rumors means.

For Samsung to sell the incoming flagship cheaper means two things. First, they might not be maxing out on all premium features. There are going to likely be compromise in some areas. For example, rumors have it that Samsung might stick to using their own Exynos 990 SOC, which is not such a big performer.

Using the Snapdragon 865 or 865 SOC will be quite expensive and that will likely increase the price of the Galaxy Note 20. So, if Samsung wants to save cost, they might decide to use the own Exynos 990 (which is not such a good idea).

Second, if Samsung manages to use all top premium feature without compromise, it means that its past flagship has been over priced. This won’t be much of a problem anyway. But, using the Exynos 990 might cause some to stick with their Galaxy Note10 or the Galaxy S20.

It is also very important for you to understand that Samsung can decide to also bring forth a more expensive variant of the Galaxy Note 20 with top flagship features. Which means, users can then decide to buy the cheaper Samsung Galaxy Note 20 or buy the expensive ones.

Which ever the case, we are hoping clears things up regarding the Galaxy Note20 come August 21st. A cheaper, top premium Galaxy Note 20 will be incredible though. Tell us what you think via your comment below.

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