New phones always makes the old phones seem outdated. But when you are getting some juicy updates from the phone manufacturer, the phone no longer feel really old fashioned. This is exactly what Samsung plans on doing to owners of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note10.

Samsung has announced that it’ll soon roll out a new update for the Galaxy S10 and Note10 series (this include the lite versions). The new update will bring camera features from the Galaxy S20 series to the two Samsung flagships released last year.

More Camera Features

Yes, the cameras of the Galaxy S10 and Note10 is good but a little update will bring some new features. Please note that these features won’t increase the sharpness of the photos. Photo qualities will remain almost same but you will have more features to play with. Please see details below.

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Firstly, both the Galaxy S10 and Note10 will get the S20’s Single Take mode. This single take mode feature allows users to capture multiple photos, videos, and GIFs with a single button push.

This feature is useful when you can’t decide between taking photos or videos. With this feature, you can have multiple choices and you can decide to just do it all at once.

Other features coming to the S10 and Note 10 series include the new Night Hyperlapse mode, the ability to create custom photo filters, and a Pro Video mode which lets users adjust settings like ISO, shutter speed, and exposure levels.

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Smart Galleries

The gallery app will also be getting a new feature that will help automatically group similar photos together and this feature is called View. Another interesting feature coming to the gallery app is the Quick Crop. With this feature, users can easily zoom into any image and easily save a cropped version.

Quick Share and Music Share Features

Additionally, both 2019 Galaxy flagships will get Quick Share and Music Share features. This allows users to share files with other nearby users and extend their paired Bluetooth connections while playing music respectively.

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Xender and Files (new Google file manager app) are doing a great job at sharing files between phones. But maybe not just enough and that is why Galaxy S10 and Note10 series will be having the Quick Share and Music Share Features.

According to Samsung, With Quick Share, you can see which of your contacts are nearby and share photos, videos, or even large files with multiple people. With Music Share, you can extend your paired Bluetooth connection and you don’t need to disconnect for a friend to play their music on a speaker or car stereo.

Samsung says the new update will start rolling out by March 2020. The release date and update feature list may vary by market, carrier, and model. This means depending on where you are or your model, your update might come by April or even later. Some of the new features like Night Hyperlapse will not be coming to the Note 10 Lite.

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