Getting good software updates for a long time is a key factor to consider when choosing a smartphone. Truth is, the more updates your device gets, the more efficient it works and the more up to date it is with the latest tech and modern apps. Along with major software updates, monthly security patches is also very important.

A new report has surfaced on the internet claiming that the German Government wants smartphone companies to provide software updates, security patches and support for devices up to 7 years. This is not so unreasonable to ask as there is a smartphone company that is already doing this effectively.

Apple is a champion when it comes to software updates, security patches, and support for its devices. Even its long released devices are also getting its new iOS software updates. But, the story is not same for Android users.

For Android users, most smartphone companies only have support for up to 2 years. Only Samsung has come out to offer 5 years software updates for some selected devices. And it seems the Germany government wants this to change.

Software Update
Software Update (image: GizMo China)

The German government is no longer ready to accommodate smartphone manufacturers that provide just two years of update. Germany is working on a law that will make or force these smartphone companies and to provide up to 7 years support for smartphones and tablets.

The federal government is in talks with the European Commission to oblige phone manufacturers to provide software update, security updates, and replacement parts for smartphones and tablets for seven years. And the components must be available at a reasonable price – affordable price.

Phone Makers to Provide 7 Years Updates and Support

Why is the German Government doing this? Simply put, it is the increase the reliability and maintainability of devices. German officials are of the opinion that extended support will bring decline in the production of devices, increase the life cycle of these devices, and improve the environmental situation.

Having this long support for the devices means it’ll remain protected and functional for a long time – years. According to some poll, in 2021 about 40% of users still use smartphones with Android 9.0 Pie. And these smartphones have stopped getting software updates and security patches. This makes the users vulnerable to exploits and is easy to hack.

No smartphone manufacturer has come out yet but we don’t expect the companies to be very happy with this upcoming trend. But, should the European Commission agree with the arguments of the German Federal Government and imposes a 7-year cycle for providing software and security updates to companies, then the rule itself will enter into force by 2023.

While this news might be very good to most smartphone companies, it is a very good news for Android users. Truth is, most Android users who switch over to iPhone is usually based on software updates and support. So maybe it’s time for Android phone makers to bring longer support for its users.


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