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Google Chrome is the Most Use Browser with over 3 billion users

If you’ve ever wondered which is the most use internet browser in the world, well the short answer is Google Chrome. In fact, the number of the figure is so huge that it takes a chunk of 41% out of 100% according to a new research.

According to the research report, about 3.3 billion people uses Google Chrome as theirs browser. That is an estimated 41% of internet users globally. Even the second most use browser don’t come close.

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Among the reasons for it’s popularity is: it has lots of customizable options, it’s speed compared to other browsers, it’s high level of security, and the fact that it’s the default browser for most Android devices.

Add the above reasons to the fact that it’s owned and managed by Google and works seamlessly with Gmail then you’ll understand why it’s difficult for any other browser to compete.

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With a total of 944,576,100 Internet users (about 9.5 million), the Safari browser clinch the number two spot. Mac and iPhone users mostly work with Safari because it’s Apple’s own default browser. But, even the weight of Chrome is too much for the Safari browser.

Firefox with its many interface design and simple to use features come third in the list with 181,435,430 (1.8 million) internet users. The one thing you’ll love about Firefox is its dedication to user privacy. If you have rocked the ignito mode once, you’ll understand better.

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Most Use Browser
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Sitting at the fourth position is Microsoft Edge with about 171,327,607 (1.7 million) active users. This is the windows recommended browser and it suppose windows information protection (WIP). The WIP help protects corporate data to help prevent accidental leaks by users on popular Windows 10 devices.

Microsoft recently announced that the Internet Explorer browser will be replaced by the newer, faster, and more secure Edge browser.

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With 166,779,086 (1.6 million) and 112,196,840 (1.1 million) internet users, Samsung Internet and Opera browsers occupy the fifth and sixth places respectively.

From the figures of the new research, Google Chrome is dominating the internet browsing world by a land slide. Maybe Safari will step up but until then, the undisputed leader and the most used Internet browser in the world is Google Chrome.






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