Android 12 beta is not the only announcement from the Google I/O 2021. Google is also introducing new privacy features in Google Photos. They’ll be bring what is called “Locked Folder” to the Google Photos app.

You can locked photos in the “Locked Folder” and only with your password or biometric scanner like fingerprint sensor can allow you access to this folder.

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There is so many use of this Locked Folder that Google is introducing to the Google Photo app. First, you can lock your sensitive photos. Second, it will be difficult for someone else to have access to this folder without your knowledge.

It will also keep these photos from appearing in photo previews and gallery of your phone.

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This new update will first be available in Google Pixel smartphones and will later be available in other Android phones.

Since this is the year of privacy enhancements, Google is also increasing the privacy level of Google Accounts. Google will be bringing a new “quick delete” feature that allows users to delete the last 15 minutes search history.

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Google Maps is also adding helpful reminders about your timeline so that you know that your location history is on in case you might not want it to remember some of the places that you’ve visited.

Major OS and software are giving users more privacy control over the data they share with others. Android and iOS are stepping up the game and more security and privacy control is coming to users.

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We’ll still have to wait and see how advert companies like Facebook adjust to this new trends. While this is good for users, it’s not such a good news for advert companies that rely on data to run targeted ads.

But overall, this new Locked Folder feature coming to the Google Photos App is pretty dope.

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