Google might be secretly working on what we can call a “Pixel tablet”. There are indications that shows that the company might have interest in entering the tablet market. This market is largely dominate by Apple with its iPads and it seems more companies including Google is going to try the waters there.

Even though the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro has its many issues, lots of people widely accepted these devices because of its unique design and chipset. With this high level of acceptability, it seems Google wants to push out a tablet.

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Note that this won’t be the first time a rumor is cycling around the company making a tablet. Last year, Google patent a tablet device but it was never released by the company. And this year, so many factors points to the company secretly working on a new Pixel tablet.

Google Pixel Tab

For starters, the company has posted openings for job with descriptions that includes experience in Android Tablets. Google has posted several vacancies online, for a ‘Senior Engineering Manager, with experience in “Android tablet app experience.” And the company is also in search of a Vice president and Director of Product management, with experience in “Android tablets”.

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The vacancy ad on Google page reads in part: “We believe that the future of computers is shifting towards extra powerful and more capable tablets. We are working to deliver the next chapter of computing and input by launching seamless support across all our platforms that unlocks new and better ways to be productive and creative.”

Aside from the Job vacancies, Google has also been working on a brand new Android 12L. This is an Android OS that is meant for large screens. This Android OS will feature in foldable smartphones and tablets.

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Android 12L

The company has said that this OS will be available for public use in 2022. Now, why Google waste time and resources, to hire workers who have experienced in Android Tablets and also work on a brand new Android OS for large screens if the company has no plans of making a tablet of its own?

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Like Apple, Google can keep things under wraps for a very long time and maybe, just maybe there is a Pixel tablet in the works to test the Android 12L. We won’t be too surprised if a Google tablet is first to use the Android 12L.

Another explanation of a big screen will be a Google Pixel Fold. A foldable pixel smartphone has been on the rumor mill for a while now with many expecting the device to be released last year.

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So, which do you think it’ll be? A Google Pixel tablet or a Google Pixel Fold? Which do you think will be released by Google? Going by the technicality and cost of making a foldable device, a safe bet will on a Pixel Tablet. But time will tell.

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